Guinea pig

If you have a guinea pig in your home, you surely know what a cute and outgoing animal it is. It’s just impossible not to love them.

However, sometimes they act weird and start shaking. If you are wondering why the guinea pig tremblesread the following lines.

In them you will see that in most cases animals shake their bodies under the influence of emotions or when they are sick.

Here are the cases where you can the guinea pig is trembling:

He is happy

If you notice that the guinea pig’s body is shaking, it probably means it is quite happy and content. When an animal is calm and happy, it can express its emotions by vibrating its body. Along with trembling, it often expresses satisfaction with the grinding of teeth or purring sounds.

He is cold

The guinea pig may tremble when eating

if Guinea pig she is intense and cold, she will shiver trying to generate body heat. Check its center and make sure its cage is warm and cozy enough.

Be afraid of

Fear and anxiety lead some guinea pigs tremble. When an animal is in a new environment or is placed in the same place with other yet unknown brothers, it may shake in response to its anxiety.

That’s annoying

Sometimes guinea pigs tremble as a way to express dissatisfaction with something or someone. If you do something to your pet that he doesn’t like, he can express his feelings by shaking his body.

It’s over

Guinea pigs tremble when mating

Male guinea pigs and, to a lesser extent, female guinea pigs begin to shake their bodies when in the mood to mate. At the same time, other behaviors such as purring, guinea pig fur, and more are often observed.

He’s excited

Like the shaking of happiness, the guinea pig behaves this way when it is very excited about something. It’s another version of being happy, but it comes with an added element of expectation.

It hurts

It is possible that the guinea pig will tremble even when it is sick and depressed. If you notice other signs of anxiety, contact your vet immediately to take the necessary measures and you will again enjoy a healthy and vital friend.


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