The guinea pig house is one of the most important accessories in a rodent cage. Should a smooth-haired guinea pig have a large and wooden house? Or maybe a plastic one will be better? Check which houses are the best and what else should be in the guinea pig cage.

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A skinny guinea pig next to a wooden house and a house for the guinea pig
A house for a guinea pig step by step, or advice on which house to choose

House for the guinea pig

What should a guinea pig cage be like?

The cage is the most important piece of equipment for any guinea pig. You should buy a piglet’s cage before it arrives at your new home. The price of the cage will likely be the highest you will pay for any guinea pig equipment. The cage dimensions should be a minimum of 80 x 50 cm for one guinea pig. Of course, its surface area should be the key criterion. Pigs don’t climb because their backbones are too weak. Therefore, the cage should be flat on which piglets can walk easily. The more pigs you have, the more cage space should be.

In addition, the cage must be made of high-quality plastic. Thanks to this, it will not serve for several months, but will last for several years of use. The rosette guinea pig will feel good in a large cage. A large house means greater freedom of movement. The guinea pig will feel comfortable and well in the larger cage, which is what it is all about. As a rule, a piglet spends most of its life in a cage, so it has to be adapted to the piglet. It is true that a good-quality cage is usually a higher price. However, if you invest your money well, the cage can last for the rest of your guinea pig’s life.

Guinea pig cage bowls

There are many different bowls available in pet stores. The best one, however, will be the one that matches the height of the pigs. It should be a heavy bowl that the piggy will not turn upside down. It is good to have more than one bowl in the cage. You can then separate them separately with dry food, vegetables or herbs. The bowls that can be purchased at the pet store are typically:

  • metal – durable material. The cups will be hard to move for the guinea pig to keep it safe.
  • porcelain / ceramic – they are as stable as metal. However, it is worth focusing on its size to match the bowl to the pig.

  • plastic – not very stable and light, so pigs can knock them over. The advantage is their easy cleaning, as well as a relatively low price (compared to ceramic or metal). Or maybe you will also be interested this article about choosing a nest for your guinea pig?

A drinker and a feeder

Some pigs do not drink their water from a drinker, and only draw it from vegetables and fruit. However, if your texel guinea pig needs fresh water, you should install a drinking water bottle. Water is best from a bottle, but not highly mineralized. A hanging drinker will be the most sensible solution, because a smooth-haired guinea pig in a bowl can … do it.

As for the feeder, it is a cage duty. The basis of any pig’s diet is hay, so it will have to be fed to the piglet somehow. You can opt for a cage-mounted feeder. Some people also decide to lay hay on the ground. Just remember to change such hay regularly (preferably twice a day).

Recommended products for guinea pigs

House for domestic coffee

House for the guinea pig. Which will be the best?

Each cage should have a lair for a guinea pig, but also a pig house – corner, square or in a completely different form. There are lots of different cabins you can choose from. However, the most popular house is:

  • wooden house – it is durable and safe, and pigs can rub their teeth on it.
  • plastic house – it is much easier to clean than the one made of wood. However, plastic sheds can harm the pig when he starts chewing on him.

A guinea pig in a camo knit house, and a recommended guinea pig house
A house for a guinea pig – its types, prices and buying advice

The house can be corner, wicker, fabric or paper. It can also be a fleece house, a suspended house or a wooden house. In each of them, the pigs will definitely feel safe – because the pig’s house is a kind of hiding place in which they hide when they have enough company, for example, a second pig. However, not every house will provide the guinea Pig with the same comfort of rest. Or maybe you will decide on a house with a flat roof? Texel guinea pigs will get a good place to observe their handler.

Why is the guinea pig house so important? Well, it serves not only as a place to rest. The pig house is to be used mainly as a shelter, when e.g. guinea Pig is scared of something. Occasionally there will be some noise in the house that may scare the coffee house (e.g. renovation behind a wall). That is why it is worth for the piglet to have a kind of sanctuary in the house, where it will hide from the whole world.

Other accessories for guinea pigs

It will be worth buying a guinea pig lair, where it will be able to relax and sleep. It may as well be a fleece blanket that your piggy will cuddle up to and fall asleep. The additional elements that you can equip the cage of guinea Pig include:

  • hammock
  • pillows

  • wooden bridges and shelves (remember about their height and steepness – the pig has a weak backbone and should not go on footbridges with too steep angles)

  • litter box
  • tunnel (of sufficient size so that the pig does not get stuck in it)

  • soft substrate (in the form of, for example, a permeable mat)

It will also be worth investing in toys for the guinea pig. When buying toys, however, take into account the fact that guinea Pig is not a hamster, so it is impossible to exercise, for example, on a spinning wheel. So avoid toys, such as carousels or reels, for which the piglets’ backbone is not ready. For this reason, do not buy your piggy bank stairs or ladders, thanks to which they can climb higher. Pigs aren’t mountaineers like chinchillas, so skip the floor in the cage.


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