Guinea pig

Guinea pigs originally came from the Andes region of South America. It is one of the longest mountain ranges with rocky hills, fragrant forests and vast green meadows.

Understanding what do guinea pigs eat? in the wild, we can get a good grasp of their daily menu when we keep them as pets.

They are herbivores whose daily ration is mainly grass (fresh or dried). The guinea pig’s body is used to getting the most out of this type of diet, so adding other types of food in large amounts has side effects such as obesity and tooth decay.

The key to a healthy, lively, fluffy guinea pig is a diet rich in herbs. Understandably, you don’t have access to fresh hay every day, but thankfully some very old-fashioned hay will do just fine.

Especially if it was closed well and managed to keep its natural aroma. Design a net to keep the hay off the ground. The advantage of hay is that even if an animal eats a large amount of hay, there is no particular danger that a wonderful pet will gain weight.

Herbs require a lot of chewing and help you brush your teeth evenly, preventing their overgrowth. The overgrown teeth of guinea pigs, accustomed to eating pellets, make chewing grass and hay painful and impossible. Try to make the animal a habit by first cutting the hay with scissors.

When it comes to fresh vegetables, leafy greens (kale, spinach) and broccoli are excellent choices. They are rich in vitamin C, so essential for these small mammals.

Fresh fruit is not common food for guinea pigs in the wild and therefore they should be served modestly – let an apple slice be a delicacy, not a main course. Fruits also get green light: banana, mango, melon, strawberry, pear.

Guinea pig

Photo: Bored Panda

Many homeowners make the mistake of feeding mostly down guinea pig pellets, representing incompatible with their body concentrated and high-calorie food. Naturally, this decision results in obesity of the animals and abnormally grown teeth.

When looking for pellets in the market, look for blends that contain identical pellets, as mammals often choose which to eat and do not absorb all the necessary nutrients. Selective food is the equivalent of a buffet in which we only choose sweets, and we ignore black bread, vegetables and fruit.

The optimal amount of pellets per day, as recommended by vets, is 1/8 cup, or as much as your pet can consume in 20 minutes with continuous feeding. With the right habits and diet, your guinea pig will enjoy excellent health for many years to come.

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What CanĀ Guinea Pigs Eat?

Can Guinea Pigs eat grapes?

Yes, but in moderation. Grapes are high in sugar and can cause an upset stomach in guinea pigs if eaten in large quantities.

Can Guinea Pigs eat celery?

Yes, celery is a good source of fiber and vitamin C, which are both beneficial to guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs eat dandelions?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat dandelions. Dandelions are a good source of fiber, minerals (including potassium, magnesium, and zinc), and vitamins (including A, C, and K).

Can Guinea Pigs eat apples?

Guinea pigs can eat apples, but they should not eat the seeds or the skin.

Can Guinea Pigs eat beetroot?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat beetroot.

Can Guinea Pigs eat cauliflower?

Yes, Guinea Pigs can eat cauliflower.

Can Guinea Pigs eat raspberries?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat raspberries. Raspberries are a good source of Vitamin C and are also a natural source of antioxidants.

Can Guinea Pigs eat radishes?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat radishes. Radishes are a root vegetable and are a good source of Vitamin C and other nutrients.

Can Guinea Pigs eat lettuce?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat lettuce. Lettuce is a good source of water and vitamins A and C.

Can Guinea Pigs eat courgette?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat courgettes. They are a good source of vitamin C and other nutrients.

Can Guinea Pigs eat banana?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat bananas. Bananas are a good source of dietary potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and vitamin B6.

Can Guinea Pigs eat swede?

Some people say that you can give a small amount of swede to a guinea pig as a treat, but others say that it is not safe for them to eat.

Can Guinea Pigs eat sweet potato?

Yes, sweet potatoes are a good source of nutrients for guinea pigs and are safe for them to eat.

Can Guinea pigs be fed mushrooms?

No. Mushrooms are poisonous to guinea pigs.

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