Guinea pigs love greens

guinea pigs they are one of the most favored animals due to their calm temperament and easy reproduction. They are not pretentious, they do not create problems, but the owner must be aware of what these miniature animals love so that it is easier to raise their pet.

Here are the things that guinea pig loves

Favourite food

Like all living things, guinea pigs love to eat. They should not be compared to their namesake in this respect, as they have nothing to do with each other, both in terms of character and food preferences.

Guinea pigs love itgreen food – be sure to eat hay or grass, greens – especially green spinach leaves, sorrel, kale and lettuce. They also like to eat fruit, but be careful with them as they have delicate stomachs.

House – cage

guinea pigs

guinea pigs they like to hide in their home. They are cowardly animals and panic easily. Their cage is their hiding place and they immediately hide inside if they feel there is a threat to them. Since they like to feel safe, their cage should be covered with straw so that a little shy pet can hide in it.

Favorite toys

Guinea pigs love toys. They play with them, just like children, but at the same time toys have different functions. By nibbling on them, guinea pigs use them to adjust the size of their teeth. The teeth of this rodent grow throughout their lives and, if not regulated, can reach the brain. Their food can also be used as a toy – carrot, apple and others.

Favorite activities with the owner

Guinea pig

guinea pigs many like to brush and comb them from time to time. Depending on the breed, this can only be done with a brush or a brush and comb. Regardless of the method of combing, the guinea pig will always be pleased. It’s also a way to communicate with the owner and this pet is also attached to the people who care for him, recognizes the voices of the owners and loves to communicate with them.

A cute little pet loves quiet, calm speech, a kind attitude and careful behavior towards him. He enjoys sitting on his master’s lap as he gently strokes his head and speaks kindly and soothingly. They also like to go outside the cage if they are absolutely sure that they are not in danger.