Every piggy bank loves to rest comfortably. A guinea pig’s lair is a must in every cage. Properly selected bedding will allow the pig not only to lie down lazily, but also to sleep. Which guinea pig lair would be the best? Should every guinea pig cage come with a deck chair or bed? What dimensions should a guinea pig crib be? Here are the best lair suggestions for domestic coffee beans!

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Guinea pigs lying in the lair, as well as recommended lair for the guinea pig
Guinea pig lair, i.e. recommended bedding, deck chair or bed

Guinea pig lair

Swing for the guinea pig

The swing is an alternative to the classic crib in which the guinea pig can rest. If you hang such a swing low above the ground, you will be able to isolate it from, for example, dirt from the ground in the form of sawdust, pellets or guinea pig faeces. It is best to look for a swing of the highest quality cotton possible. Thanks to this, the hay will not cling to the swing, remaining clean for a long time.

The downside of such a bedding, however, is that guinea pigs have quite weak backbones. So it is definitely a better additional option for younger pigs. A prerequisite for hanging the swing is its low mounting above the ground. You should not expose the domestic coffee breed to too high and difficult jumps! It is also worth finding out how to sew such a swing yourself. This way you can choose the size of your guinea pig.

The price for a good-quality swing starts from about PLN 45.

A cot with a waterproof mattress

The guinea pig can sleep up to 6 hours during the day, of which, however, it spends more time napping. Every guinea pig appreciates relaxation, rest and lazy lounging on its crib. However, this may be due to the fact that the pig is bored – in nature it takes a long time to search for food. The guinea pig cage allows her to reach for her beloved delicacy at almost any time of the day or night. That’s why the pig is bored.

To make the piggy cozy and comfortable, it will be worth investing in, for example, a cot, which looks a bit… human bedding. This type of bedding is very easy to assemble, especially when it is made of high-quality wood. The wooden crib will be stable and will give your pig a comfortable rest. It is worth looking for a bed that will be equipped with a waterproof mattress and a pillow.

The price for a wooden cot starts from around PLN 70.

Recommended products for guinea pigs

A bed-pocket for a pig

It is also worth considering this type of den for guinea pigs. It is usually made of a soft material that is combined with another soft fabric such as fleece. Guinea pig lair is a bit like a silage or a tunnel. Guinea Pigs like them very much, because they can not only rest in such a bed, but also shelter and warm up. The pocket should be stiffened on both sides so that it can keep its original shape when used by a pig. Additionally, it is worth if the tunnel is not stiffened so that the cot can be folded into a “accordion”. The pig will certainly enjoy such a lair, gaining a great place to play, relax and hide. Or maybe you will also be interested this article with tips on how to identify the gender of your guinea pig?

The price for such a lair starts from about PLN 35.

Comfortable lairs for guinea pigs

Guinea pig sleeping bag

Similarly to the lair-pocket, the sleeping bag allows the guinea pig to have an incredibly comfortable rest. Usually, it is made of a fairly strong upholstery material with a pleasant and soft-to-the-touch texture. It is important that the pig sleeping bag is resistant to pilling, UV rays and abrasion. It’s also good to be able to be wet cleaned.

In the middle of the sleeping bags, there is usually a special filling that makes the bedding very comfortable and soft. It is worth looking for a version reinforced with additional seams so that the sleeping bag retains its original shape and does not collapse. It is a great alternative to any other guinea Pig bedding.

The prices of sleeping bags start from PLN 30.

Lounger for guinea pig

Very often, this deckchair looks like a mattress. Sometimes it is hemmed with material that imitates, for example, a sheepskin coat. Pig loungers are very durable and come in various dimensions. Well, you can make it fit your piggy style without any problems! Due to the fact that the deckchair does not have any additional elements, it is easy to keep clean. This bedding is resistant to dirt (provided that you buy a good material), which is very handy. There is no problem to take such a deckchair with you on a trip!

Prices for this type of den for a guinea pig start from PLN 15.

House for the guinea pig

The last proposal is a special house where the guinea pig can rest. However, a wooden house will work better, because a plastic one is not very comfortable and may have toxic compounds. As you know, piggy likes to nibble on wood. So, she will be able to nibble on a wooden house freely, without fear of poisoning! The houses are often connected with non-toxic glue, which is safe for rodents.

A house for a guinea pig is usually from PLN 30 upwards.


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