Contrary to appearances, rodents not only eat and sleep. These intelligent creatures can learn a lot through play, and also practice motor coordination. Therefore, the excess of free time should be properly used. All kinds of toys and accessories will be helpful in this. The following tips will help you choose the right rodent sweetener.

rodent toys

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  • How to choose a toy for a rodent?
  • Toys that discharge excess energy
  • Toys supporting motor coordination
  • Sky relaxation
  • Teeth grinding accessories

How to choose a toy for a rodent?

Toys must be adapted to the species of rodents, which differ not only in size but also in temperament. Hamsters and degus are live, fast pets, so make sure they have enough exercise. In turn, guinea pigs are definitely more peaceful rodents, so buying a reel will not be a good decision. However, guinea Pigs also need an appropriate dose of exercise and entertainment. Other rodents, such as rabbits, chinchillas and mice, also need to have a good time between eating and sleeping.

Toys that discharge excess energy

Wild rodents make short, quick runs in search of food. At the same time, they must protect themselves against various types of threats posed by predators, as well as against progressive human activity. Hence, they developed a natural need for intense exercise, which domestic rodents must properly discharge. It is worth buying for active rodents such as hamsters, gerbils and degus reel. Mobile rodents love to run in them, because they are evolutionarily adapted to it. However, it is worth choosing a silent reel, so that also at night animals will be able to use it freely. On the other hand, we will not be disturbed by the noise generated during the intensive spinning of the reel. The alternative are crutches for hamsterswhich will work especially if your hamster has a large cage. The balls rotate thanks to the strength of the hamsters’ muscles, which is why they have a good effect on their well-being. Rodent toys can be found in the wide offer of the Tukan24 store, which also offers versatile cages for small animals.

Toys supporting motor coordination

material tunnelsIt is not only mobile rodents that require adequate entertainment. Also, quiet species such as guinea pigs, rabbits and mice need a lot of exercise. Otherwise, the guinea Pig may start to put on weight, which we would certainly like to avoid. The ideal solution are of different kinds tunnelsin which rodents can move around. They can be made of various materials, e.g. wood, plastic or edible materials. Wooden accessories are natural and allow you to wipe off the incisors, but they are also exposed to mold and bad smell. How to avoid it? From the very beginning, rodents should be accustomed to settling in a specially adapted toilet, available in the form of a litter box with a spatula. Plastic accessories, on the other hand, are cheaper and more durable, but you should choose models made of non-toxic plastics. An interesting solution are tunnels made of materials suitable for food, they usually contain hay and grass, which is essential in the diet of every rodent.

There are also specially designed ones for fast and lively animals obstacle courses, hanging bridges, and swings. Hamsters like to climb floors in a cage, so a place where they can develop their skills is highly recommended. Hanging bridges allow them to exercise their balance and the ability to climb. Swings are also a great entertainment for mice and other species of rodents.

Sky-high relaxation and a hideout

hammockYou can also hang a fabric hammock or a hiding tent in the cage. These types of accessories are a great place to relax for exuberant hamsters, who will be happy to hide in a secluded place after many activities. Moreover, to get there, they need to show a little smartness. Climbing the rungs develops their muscles well. Rodents staying in a hammock or hanging lair must also balance their body well, otherwise they will fall off it. Hammocks and lairs They are also a great place to relax, which is why they are more and more often hung in cages for rodents. Fabric hammocks and houses dedicated to various rodents are available in the Tukan24 store, the range of which is constantly expanded.

Teeth grinding accessories

In addition to entertainment, it is worth taking care of our pet’s health. Various kinds are useful grinderswhich will positively affect the dental health of rodents. You can choose wooden sticks, special limes that also supplement the diet with minerals, and also kolives made from a variety of grains and dried vegetables and fruits. Every way is good for our little one to feel good.

Keeping the rodents entertained and active is not difficult. We hope that our tips will help you choose the right accessories and toys, and your pet will be healthy and happy. These and others accessories for rodents are available at the Tukan24 store.

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