The guinea pig is a very popular rodent that often lives in Polish homes. Before we buy a guinea pig, however, the question arises – what names for guinea pigs suit them best? It’s incredibly hard to find the perfect name for a guinea pig. You have to do a lot of research to choose a nice name for a male or a female. What are the best, coolest and popular names for girls and boyfriend? We advise!

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Two guinea pigs sitting in the basket as well as recommended guinea pig names
Interesting and cool names for guinea pigs, i.e. what name to choose for a guinea pig

Names for guinea pigs

1. Names suited to the character of the pig

If you have already purchased a guinea pig and have not named it yet, it will be worth paying attention to the nature of the pet. After saving it, you will be able to choose a quite interesting name for the piglet. It can be:

  • Kwiczek – if a pig likes to squeal a lot,
  • Łobuzek – if the piggy has a lot of mischief,
  • A hug – when a pig likes to cuddle up to its owner.

Among the names adequate to the character of the pig, you can find the most interesting of them, almost for any letter of the alphabet. You will find matching names for the female character, but male guinea pig names will also have equivalents in the names.

2. Names according to appearance`

You already know how long a guinea pig lives and you know more or less how to tame a guinea pig, but still have no idea what to name it? Focus on what your piggy looks like! You can name your mumps by paying attention to its:

a) coat color (e.g. Red, Black, Tricolor),
b) type of coat (e.g. Chmurka, Gładek or Skinek – bald guinea pig).

If you choose a name for your pet, check also this article with tips on how to identify the gender of your guinea pig.

3. Popular names with high sounds

Very famous names for pigs are, for example, Klementynka, Omega or Bulinka. These are great names for girls, especially since pigs can pick up high notes very quickly. With these types of names, you can make the male or female respond to your name! Polish names also work great, for example Jędruś or Kubuś for a boy.

Pig ears are very sensitive to rustling sounds, so such names for guinea pigs will also be a very good solution (eg Shorma, Sapphire).

Recommended products for guinea pigs

Male and female names – the best names for guinea pigs

4. Original names for guinea pigs

Popular names can be found not only among cats and dogs. Rodents are also often named quite typically, referring to various names, not only Polish, but also foreign. Guinea pig owners are looking for unique names more and more often and more willingly. So we have at least:

  • Aplhi,
  • Bunia,
  • Emma,
  • Frutti,
  • Hiko,
  • Merlin,
  • Rudolf,
  • Waffle.

5. Cool names for black and white pigs

Wondering what name you can give a guinea pig that is either all black or white? There are great names for both male and female animals that perfectly illustrate what a piggy looks like. If the guinea pig is black, you can name it, for example:

  • Sloven,
  • Blacky,
  • Soot,
  • Cinderella,
  • Zorro.

However, if the mumps are albino and all white, you can call her:

  • Snowball,
  • Meringue,
  • Bianka,
  • Alabaster,
  • Śnieżek.
Honey white guinea pig in a cage, as well as the most interesting names for guinea pigs
What name for a guinea pig, that is, interesting names for guinea pigs

6. Names of guinea pigs derived from food

If you love to spend time in the kitchen, you have a guinea pig and you have trouble naming a rodent, then we have just found the perfect solution! You can name your guinea pig according to the names of your favorite products or culinary dishes. It will definitely be an original name that few guinea pig owners would think of. You can literally draw from the entire kitchen, inspired by the names of popular desserts, ingredients or dinner dishes. There are a lot of options:

  • Meringue, Torcik, Sponge cake – from the names of cakes,
  • Halva, Candy, Baton – from the names of sweets,
  • Banana, Kiwi, Orange – from the names of the fruit,
  • Beetroot, Potato, Sweet potato – from the names of vegetables,
  • Chia, Sunflower, Pumpkin – from the names of the seeds.

7. Names for guinea pigs from the names of fairy tales

You can name your guinea pig on the basis of your favorite fairy-tale or cartoon character. Children love such characters and remember their names, especially since fairy-tale characters always have a very original, sweet and cheerful name. Are you a fan of fairy tales? Or maybe you want your guinea pig to have the most unique name? So, you can give the rodent a name taken right off the glass screen. Very good name suggestions for guinea pigs, taken from popular fairy tales, are:

  • Peppa
  • Elsa

  • Porky

  • Fiona
  • Ariel
  • snowball
  • piggy

  • Bella

  • Plastuś

Remember that…

The most important task will not be to name the guinea pig. The most important tasks of each owner include skilful care of the rodent, as well as devoting a sufficient amount of time to it. If you won’t be able to sit with your guinea pig for too long, make up two of your guinea pigs right now, and don’t expose the rodent to sadness and being unhappy and lonely in the cage. It is not the name that proves how cheerful the guinea pig will be and in what mental condition it will be. Remember that it is a living creature and also needs the attention of its owner. By offering a piggy with love and interest, it will pay you back in exactly the same way!


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