Tips for breeding guinea pigs

guinea pigs are one of the most popular pets. Together with hamsters, gerbils, mini-bunnies and ornamental fish, they are often chosen as the first pet.

For a baby, the guinea pig is also a suitable companion if the baby is older and more responsible.

Fluffy rodents have a gentle temper and can be easily tamed to become a faithful companion. They are larger than hamsters but are bred in a similar way. Plus, it’s not that hard to make friends with a guinea pig.

Toddlers are very social animals, which makes them suitable for home with children. The nature of guinea pigs is usually pleasant. Their great advantage is that they do not require much care. However, mistakes can also be made in breeding guinea pigs, so be careful.

It is worth knowing if we decide on such a pet, a few basic things for breeding guinea pigsso that we can enjoy the fluffy company for a long time. However, sometimes guinea pigs have a long life.

Guinea pig cage

Guinea pigs are usually bred in cage. It is important that their home is of the right size so that the pet feels comfortable and has enough space. Experts in this field recommend a minimum of 70 square centimeters. If you are breeding three pigs, the space should be at least 90 square centimeters.

Guinea pig water bottle

Drinking guinea pigs

Unlike other rodents, guinea pigs like to drink water. You can find special bottles for rodent cages in pet stores. Their purpose is not to spill the guinea pig’s water and not to spill the cage.

Feeding guinea pigs

Contrary to the name, fluffy rodents are not prone to overeating. However, the menu of cute animals should be carefully selected. The best option for them is 1/8 bowl of pellets, vegetables, grass or hay. At least one bowl of vegetables a day is recommended. To make sure your guinea pig is healthy, highlight greens and leaves on spinach, lettuce, kale, and more.

Guinea pig toys

Guinea pigs love toys. However, apart from entertainment, they also play a very important role for them. Thanks to the toys, your pet adjusts the size of the teeth. Rodent teeth never stop growing. If they are not regulated, there is a risk that they will reach the brain. Instead of buying expensive artificial toys, an ordinary apple can perform the same function. Your pet will appreciate it even more. All you need to do is remove the seeds as they are poisonous to guinea pigs.

Guinea pig lair

There are several options for making a comfortable bed for your guinea pig. However, according to experts in this field, it is optimal to leave your pet with materials – small rags, sawdust, wool, and he can make a bed for himself.

Food for guinea pigs

Cleaning guinea pigs

Hygiene is extremely important to your guinea pig. It is recommended that you clean your pet’s cage at least twice a week. But do this carefully and never stress the animals as guinea pigs will bite when they feel very threatened.

Guinea pig movement

Guinea pigs need to move regularly so they don’t accumulate excess fat which is harmful to their body. To do this, experts advise you to let them get out of the cage and walk freely around a large room.

These were some of the the most important care for guinea pigs. Read more about why your guinea pig trembles and your guinea pig pruning tips.


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