Texel Guinea Pig – A Complete Guide

Texel Guinea Pig is an extremely interesting breed of a guinea pig, that have some very unique features.

These qualities make them stand out from the rest of the conventional guinea pig breeds.

While many people may not know exactly what a Texel Guinea Pig is, since it is one of the relatively newer breeds of the guinea pig.

Special Appearance

Texel Guinea pigs are known for their special physical appearance, with longer, shinier, and coarser fur compared to other guinea pig breeds.

This aesthetic fur is the reason many Texel guinea pigs enjoy great success in pet beauty shows all across the world. Compared to other guinea pig breeds.

The Texel Guinea pig is not quite as energetic but has a more composed personality, which is complemented by a linking for hugs, cuddles, and plenty of attention.

Newest Breed

As mentioned before, the Texel Guinea Pigs is among the newest and most recent guinea pig breeds seen worldwide.

This breed can trace its origins to Great Britain, where it was created in the 1980s.

When a British Rex breed was crossed with a Silkie breed.

Shirley Temple

The shiny and curly furs add to the aesthetic of the this Guinea Pig.

Having earned it the nickname of the “Shirley Temple” of guinea pig breeds.

Due to the similarity with famous American actress Shirley Temple.

Physical Appearance

The Texel Guinea pig is short and round in physical appearance, with these features also adding to the appeal enjoyed by this particular breed of guinea pig.


Texel Guinea Pigs are fun and loving, if taken care of and looked after properly from early childhood days.

But Despite being relatively less energetic compared to other breeds of guinea pig.

This breed of Guinea Pig is known to be naughtier and more mischievous compared to other varieties.

Texel Guinea Pig Grooming

Texel guinea pig grooming is a must due to their distinctive curly and shiny coat, these Guinea pigs require extensive and regular grooming to maintain their appearance.

Their fur coats must be brushed regularly every week so that it retains its shine and sparkle.

Texel guinea pigs need to checked on a regular basis, along with a bath once a month.

Texel guinea pig care

Since the fur coat is long and lush, it can also easily pick-up dirt, germs, and other unwanted problems.

For this reason, Texel guinea pigs must be handled with extra care, making sure that all of their living space. Making sure all bedding is thoroughly neat and clean.

Wet conditions also are a major problem for Texel Guinea pigs.

So it is essentially the best practice to keep them in a neat and tidy indoor space.

Where direct exposure to harsh sunlight or rain is not possible.

Since this guinea pig is particularly prone to a number of physical health problems, extra care must be taken.

Plenty of water and hay make up most of the guinea pigs diet so of both these is absolutely essential.

Moreover, Texel guinea pigs require large amounts of Vitamin C through their diet in order to stay healthy.

This can be achieved through leafy greens and other Vitamin C- rich vegetables.