Teddy Bear Guinea Pigs. Another exciting breed of guinea pig with an extremely soft and curly fur coat.

which makes them resemble a teddy bear stuffed toy, hence given this name.

Teddy guinea pigs are also smaller in size and appearance compared to other conventional guinea pig breeds.

Another distinguishing feature in physical appearance is the nose of this breed of guinea pig.

This guinea pig breed have a certain sparkle and glossiness to them.

The teddy guinea pigs come in a variety of colors, which include black, brown, white, gold, chestnut and grey..

With their famous fur coats in different colours and even in a few different patterns.

Teddy Bear Guinea Pigs Grooming

Much like the Texel breed, the Teddy breed requires some grooming and care.

This includes brushing and cleaning the fur coat, which may attract dirt, dust particles, and other unwanted things.

It also helps retain the shine and appeal of the lovely natural fur coat. Moreover, since the Guinea pig teddy breed is among the hairiest varieties of guinea pig breeds.

Wax build-up and accumulation may occur in and around the ears, which must be thoroughly checked and cleaned regularly.


Teddy Bear breed are known to be quite friendly with their families, if they build an attachment.

As well as being much more composed and comparatively less energetic than other guinea pig breeds.

Since the Teddy Guinea Pigs is also quite social and friendly in nature.

It is recommended to keep another animal for company and companionship.

Teddy Bear Guinea Pig Lifespan

Teddy Bear Guinea Pigs have relatively shorter life expectancies and are supposed to complete a lifespan of anywhere between four to eight years.

There are a number of health issues attached to this particular breed of guinea pigs.

Ear Problems

Teddy Bear breeds are susceptible to ear problems in case of a wax build-up due to plenty of hair.

In order to counter this, extensive care must be taken to remove any wax in and around the ears.

This will ensure that your Guinea Pig remains healthy and functional.

Sensitive Skin

Another major health issue with Guinea pig teddy is that of sensitive skin. Teddy breed guinea pig are naturally endowed with drier skin.

Hence all owners and caretakers must ensure that bathing is not done unless absolutely necessary.

Vitamin C deficiency

This breed is expected to have Vitamin C deficiency issues.

Hence extra care must be taken in ensuring enough Vitamin C food pellets are incorporated into your pet’s diet.

So that these needs are met and the health of the animal does not deteriorate.

Teddy Bear Guinea Pigs are also at risk of developing urinary infections and problems. In this case any clear symptoms are shown, a vet must be consulted immediately.

Dietary problems among these breeds must be dealt with effectively by ensuring an abundant supply of hay to chew on.

As well as fresh vegetables to go alongside the regular pellets used in their diet.

A dedicated water bottle must be kept separate to ensure your Guinea-Pig has a constant supply of fresh, clean water.