Sheltie guinea pig is one of the most beautiful breeds of domestic guinea pig. This long-haired pig will be a great friend of man, bestowing him with great affection – especially since the domestic guinea pig is a gregarious animal. If you take care of it properly, the piggy will definitely show its love and trust. As you know, the types of guinea pigs are very different. We can distinguish pigs not only with long hair, but also short-haired or completely hairless (like skinny). Want to know more about the Sheltie breed? We suggest what caring for a pig looks like!

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Sheltie guinea pig colored on the background of the lawn, as well as its price and upbringing
Sheltie guinea pig and Peruvian guinea pig price

Guinea pig sheltie – photos

Sheltie pig – what is its size and appearance?

Sheltie pigs do not differ much in height from other domestic guinea pig beans, such as Peruvian, Himalayan (smooth-haired) pigs or the rosette guinea pig. Adult pigs usually measure between 20 and 25 cm and there are hardly any exceptions to this rule. However, you often hear about pigs described as miniature pigs. In fact, however, little pigs are a pseudo-breeders invention and should be avoided.

Coming back to sheltie, it is a longhaired mump whose hair covers the entire surface of the body – except for the head. This is where the pig’s hair is a bit shorter and grows longer around the ears, cheeks and nape. If guinea pig is purchased in a professional breeding farm, its coat will certainly be shiny and arranged after combing into a crescent moon. To make the little pig’s cheeks visible, breeders often brush the pig’s impressive hair size – collecting it from the nape of the neck and combing it along the spine. The photos of the pig are best illustrated.

Caring for a sheltie guinea pig

Today you can name a lot of pigs. Their types differ, mainly on the basis of the type of hair. Regardless of whether it’s a rosette guinea pig, Peruvian guinea pig, skinny (without hair) or a smooth-haired Himalayan pig, everyone should be cared for in the same way! Sheltie is one of the long-haired domestic guinea pig beans, so caring for it can be a bit more difficult. Pig hair does not change, but keeps growing. That is why it is important to properly care for her hair. The hair of the guinea pig can grow up to 20 cm, so grooming is a must. If you do not take care of the hair in time, the Sheltie guinea pig may drag in its tangled clumps after a while, which will be very uncomfortable for the pet. Due to these problems, pigs can, for example, stop scratching and food residues will settle in their hair. And this is what every breeder would like to avoid! So try to wash the pig’s coat from time to time, comb it and groom it well.

Trimming the claws of the guinea pig will also be important. If the sheltie can’t cope with the abrasion of its claws on its own, it can grow a bit too long. Unfortunately, but then the movement of the guinea pigs will be restricted, as they will not be able to raise their paws normally. Guinea Pig can also accidentally develop, for example, deformation of the claws or inflammation. So that this does not happen, you should regularly trim the claws of pigs. Not sure how to do it? Go to the vet! There they will show you how to do this. Every piggy should have trimmed nails – not only sheltie, but also skinny or Abyssinian guinea pigs. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out too articles about fur animals collected here.

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Information on guinea pig sheltie

Feeding sheltie guinea pig

Want your piggy to always be in good health? Well, you should pay attention to her proper diet. It is worth listening to the breeders from whom you will buy your pig. It is they who will know best what the nutrition of the guinea pig should be. It is generally recommended that the guinea pig be fed twice a day so that it can quickly get used to the feeding times. The basis for guinea pigs is, of course:

  • Herbs,
  • hay,
  • balanced dry food (produced exclusively for pigs and served as an additive).

In addition to food and herbs, pigs should also eat fresh fruit and vegetables. It is worth washing and drying them, because pigs have sensitive bellies and can quickly get poisoned with it. You can successfully feed guinea pigs with the following vegetables and fruits:

  • spinach (in moderation, because it acidifies the body),
  • Roman salad,
  • kale,
  • Apple,
  • carrot,
  • parsley (root and grease),
  • celery,
  • beetroot (occasionally),
  • green cucumber.

Sheltie guinea pig diseases

Like most breeds of guinea pigs, shelters most often suffer from:

  • bronchitis or pneumonia
  • internal and external parasites (e.g. fleas or dust lice),
  • molars overgrowth,
  • eye problems (such as inflammation of the cornea or orbit)
  • constipation and diarrhea.

If you have any doubts, be sure to take your pig to the vet! Only he will be able to determine what is wrong with the mumps and select the appropriate treatment method.

Guinea pig sheltie price

In breeding, you often have to pay between 300 and 400 PLN for a pig. Of course, there are also occasions when the mumps price is well below this amount. However, it is worth considering buying it then. A pig not from breeding, but for example from a pseudo-breeder (stubbornly claiming that “it’s a miniature pig!”), May have genetic defects or a problem with character – especially when it was bred to power, fed with sloppy stuff and grew up in heavy for mumps terms.

Always pay attention to the conditions under which the piggy lives. Unfortunately, pet shops also mostly do not provide pigs with appropriate conditions, because, for example, they do not have good and natural light, silence or more space to move around there. If you want the Sheltie to be cheerful and healthy, it will be worthwhile to follow the list of breeding in Poland and read the opinions of domestic guinea pig owners who bought them in them. If the pig has a pedigree, it will also be able to participate in shows! Think about it before you decide to buy a sheltie mumps from an untested source.


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