The small guinea pig is one of the most popular pets. It is a low-maintenance, non-aggressive creature with an exceptionally friendly disposition. Before buying such a rodent, it is worth getting to know the breeds of domestic guinea pig and getting acquainted with their distinctive features.

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Interesting breeds of domestic guinea pig, as well as guinea pig and its breeding

Domestic guinea pig breeds – long-haired guinea pig

Long-haired guinea pig is an effective-looking pet which, as the name suggests, boasts a long coat. This type of guinea pig will look very interesting, but its care will be the most demanding. Below we will list the most popular types of representatives of long-haired breeds.

Peruvian pig – this is the most popular representative of guinea pigs with longer hair. Noteworthy is the small size of the pet, up to 1.2 kg. Peruvian long-haired guinea pig has fur, the length of which can be up to several centimeters. The cover is smooth, shiny, pleasant to the touch and usually tricolor. The sales offer also includes hair of one or two shades. However, such Peruvian guinea pig is definitely less common.

Guinea Pig sheltie – this is another rodent with longer length hair. Sheltie guinea pig looks almost like the Peruvian variety. The only significant difference is the direction of the fur. Long-haired domestic Sheltie has hair that runs regularly in one direction, from the face to the back. It is therefore a typical smooth-haired guinea pig. Photos of the Peruvian breed and the Sheltie will show us the most visible differences in the structure of the coat.

Texel guinea pig – among the representatives of long-haired breeds, we can also find texel guinea pig, which was created from the crossing of sheltie and rex. It is not a unique miniature, but when you look at its photos, you will notice a very interesting look. There are texel pigs in the farms, which have different types of color. It is a smooth-haired guinea pig, the coat of which resembles the sheltie variety, while the hair is a bit coarser. The price for texel pigs may turn out to be slightly higher due to the limited number of breedings.

Domestic guinea pig sitting on a tree trunk against the background of greenery and a breed of domestic guinea pig
Guinea Pig and its breeding step by step, as well as popular domestic guinea pig breeds

Domestic guinea pig breeds with medium-length fur

Due to the great popularity of guinea pigs, the offers for sale include more and more cavies with shorter hair length. The size of these rodents resembles those of long-haired pigs, and the visual values ​​turn out to be very similar. It is worth emphasizing that almost all species of rodents with a short fur length are less troublesome to care for than domestic long-haired guinea pig. Below are the most popular medium-length furred house guinea pig breeds.

Abyssinian pig, rosette – it is guinea pig with short hair, which is especially popular. Abyssinian pig, or if you prefer a rosette, has a characteristic fur pattern. The smooth, pleasant-to-the-touch hair forms small rosettes, which is why the common name of the breed results. Pictures of a pet with rosette hair attract attention, and the pet does not have excessive care requirements.

Smooth-haired crested pig – it is a pet with high-gloss hair that fits smoothly all over the body. The offers for sale mostly include bi-color pigs. Much of the body is light brown, while a smooth white rosette forms on top of the crested pig’s head, which is sometimes called a crown. Due to the small size of this pet and the description of its friendly disposition, the Crested guinea pig has won many lovers around the world.

Recommended products for guinea pigs

Teddy guinea pig – is a unique miniature, the appearance of which resembles a plush mascot. The great popularity of this breed has also been achieved due to the exceptionally cheerful disposition and ease of care. The guinea pig of the Teddy breed is not big, but it boldly makes contact with people. Children especially like it and look for friendly names for guinea pigs. Its coat remains smooth, pleasant to the touch and easy to care for. When describing this breed, it is also worth mentioning the many color options. Smooth and shiny hair can have one, two, and sometimes even three colors. Also check this article about the Teddy guinea pig.

Guinea pig rex – all types of guinea pigs may have a slightly different appearance. When browsing photos of the rex breed, it is difficult to confuse the species or not to distinguish them with other varieties of cavia (e.g. rosettes). Their fur is extremely smooth, pleasant to the touch and dense. Our smooth-haired rex guinea pig has low maintenance requirements, which is its additional advantage. When describing the rex breed, it is also worth noting that adult individuals can reach a size of up to 45 cm, and their weight may turn out to be quite high.

Guinea pigs without hair

We have already discussed the types of long-haired guinea pigs and short-haired guinea pigs that have low maintenance requirements. It is worth remembering that guinea pig is a species of rodents that are also available without hair. The best, popular example is the skinny thumbnail.

The skinny guinea pig is a small creature without hair that was created in a laboratory. It might seem that the hairless species are the easiest to care for, unfortunately the skinny pig turns out to be very delicate and its skin is sensitive to unfavorable temperatures and damage.

When describing hairless skinny pigs, it is worth mentioning that their skin is pleasant to the touch and has a variety of shades. The guinea pig has a residual amount of fur around its mouth and limbs. It requires the appropriate positioning of the cage to protect it from drafts and direct sunlight.

Popular names for guinea pigs and purchase price

The guinea pig Abyssinian rosette, texel or rex is very popular among children. On many websites we can find interesting names for guinea pigs. In most cases, these are names heard from fairy tales. Popular names for guinea pigs include Elsa, Peppa and Śnieżka.

Some people are also inspired by the appearance of a pet. We can find here names such as Puszek, Coocky or Kędziorek. Popular names for guinea pigs also often refer to favorite subjects or interests. We have full freedom here, and the choice should be dictated by your individual preferences. Just remember that if we want a pig to react to her name, it should be quite short.

Another issue worth mentioning is the purchase price. The offers for sale include various types and breeds of domestic guinea pig. The most popular of them (Abyssinian or Peruvian miniature) can cost less than PLN 200. Less popular breeds (smooth-haired sheltie, texel or small Teddy pigs) usually turn out to be a bit more expensive to buy. The price for small rodents from good breeding usually ranges from 200 – 400 PLN. Before buying them, it is worth paying attention to the description in the advertisement, age, photos or size. Coming from good breeding, young guinea pig will be initially tame and kind to humans, and the lack of unpleasant experiences will make it easier for her to quickly get used to the new place.

The price for hairless guinea pigs may turn out to be slightly higher than for breeds such as Abyssinian or Teddy. Skinny guinea pig often costs between PLN 300-500, and sometimes even more. Interestingly, a large, adult guinea pig may turn out to be much cheaper to buy than a young miniature. Sometimes we come across advertisements for the sale of a pet with all its equipment. More popular breeds may even be offered for free.


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