Peruvian guinea pig are one of the cutest and the oldest breed of guinea pigs. They have been around since 5000 BC. They can be highly alert to their surroundings. According to some folk tales, these cavies were used for gift exchanges, healing purposes, and religious ceremonies. In earlier times when western medicines were not trusted, these guinea pigs were used by Folk doctors to study and diagnose illness. Back then it was also a popular pet amongst the rich and royal people.


The most prominent and noticeable feature of this little cavy is its long and luscious coat of smooth hair. When this guinea pig isn’t moving, it seems like it’s hair is lying on the floor. The Peruvian fur coat can be several inches in length. The breed has only two hair rosettes that grow over their head. The hairs part down the center of their back and also grow forward over the head on their own. The average weight of an adult Peruvian Guinea pig is about one kg, and this weight is common among all breeds of the pig. They come in many different colors such as white, cream, tri-color, bi-color, and slate.

They are very loving and have a friendly nature, they love having contact with humans and being handled by them. A lot of hard work and effort is required to keep them clean and presentable. The topcoats of a Peruvian Guinea pig can grow up to 30 cm long, so combing their fur daily is needed to prevent it from tangling.


The Peruvian pig’s home should contain good bedding of hay, a variety of small toys, and enough space for them to move and run around.

If you place wooden toys around them, it would satisfy their desire to chew and would prevent overgrown teeth.

However woods that have been treated should not be given to them to play with as they are treated with toxic substances which are poisonous for your cavies.

You need to keep their homes clean, this would prevent their fur from getting dirty. Ensure a good supply of food and water for your pet.

Good quality hay is a favorite food of guinea pigs, this would encourage healthy teeth and a good digestive system in them.

A good supply of vitamin C should be given to them because they cannot produce vitamin C on their own. Including fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet is a wonderful option.


it’s also important to make sure you have a good grooming kit for your Peruvian guinea pig.

To help remove all tangles from longer-haired breeds use a comb that has two sides.
One with narrow teeth and the other with teeth that are more widely spaced.

A soft brush is all that’s needed for brushing closer to a longer haired guinea pig’s face.

Bristle brushes can be used for getting rid of minor tangles and especially for removing loose hair in long-haired guinea pig breeds.