The Peruvian guinea pig is a popular pet with long, interesting-looking fur. It is also a friendly pet that works great with the whole family. Below, we will discuss the Peruvian coffee breed in more detail, define their characteristics, nutritional requirements, and the most common diseases.

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Peruvian longhair guinea pig on a white background, as well as its breeding, price and upbringing
Peruvian guinea pig step by step, i.e. its appearance, description, character and breeding at home

Domestic coffee – breed, appearance and character of Peruvian women

Popular breeds of guinea pigs

The guinea pig, or house coffee in other words, comes in the form of many individual breeds. The most important and frequently used division criterion is usually the hair length. It is an important factor that determines the appearance and care requirements of an animal. The breeding offers include:

  • Shorthair guinea pigs – these are species that are very popular. Good examples include the Abyssinian pig, or the so-called rosette. Short-haired coffee beans are also a popular domestic smooth-haired pig, distinguished by flowing, gently flowing hair. Both breeds (rosette and Abyssinian pig) are quite easy to care for, and the quality of the fur is not particularly complicated to care for.
  • Longhair guinea pigs – all species with longer hair are included in this category. Our example is the long-haired Peruvian guinea pig, the fur length of which may be several centimeters. Many people find that the long-haired breed is a bit more difficult to care for than the short-haired coffee. For this reason, the Peruvian guinea pig is not as popular as the rosette or the Abyssinian miniature.
  • Hairless breeds, i.e. skinny, guinea pig without hair – while the long-haired and short-haired guinea pigs may sometimes look quite similar, the hairless species stand out strongly. In breeding farms, we can sometimes find skinny pigs for sale, without hair all over their body. A hairless guinea pig has only a rudimentary fur on its face and its skin remains bare. Skinny breeds require proper protection and a warm home. Unlike the longhair breed, the skinny pig does not require grooming, but has increased nutritional requirements.

What does a domestic Peruvian guinea pig look like and what care does it require?

Domestic Peruvian guinea pig is a small rodent whose weight usually does not exceed 1.2 kg. It is a long-haired variety, most often found in a tricolor coat. Long-haired Peruvians usually have white, brown and black villi of hair, their arrangement can be very diverse. There are also black and white pigs in farms, but they are not the most popular color varieties.

The long-haired Peruvian guinea pig, like the Abyssinian rosette and the skinny pig, has certain care requirements. The basis will be a sufficiently large cage, ensuring the possibility of free walking. The aviary should be adapted to both the size and number of animals.

Long-haired Peruvian and short-haired Abyssinian rosette can walk on hay lining, but special granules that do not deteriorate so quickly and do not stick to the coat work best. It is also necessary to brush your little pet regularly and to check the condition of its hair. The Peruvian guinea pig can be gently combed with a soft bristled brush. The care can also consist of periodic baths, which we do only when necessary. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out too this article about the smooth-haired guinea pig.

Recommended products for guinea pigs

A farmed hairless guinea pig or a Peruvian guinea pig require physical activity. That is why it is worth releasing them from the cage regularly, controlling their activity. When releasing all breeds of rodents, secure cables and components that can be accidentally bitten.

Caring for rosettes or Peruvians also involves regular control of the condition of the teeth and claws. Homemade Abyssinian and skinny pigs may require claw trimming as well as feeding in chewing products. Their task will be the natural abrasion of emerging teeth.

The nature of the Peruvian women

Both the Peruvian Pig and the Short-haired Coffee are gentle, friendly creatures with a cheerful disposition. Proper care and delicacy make the animal quickly becomes attached to people, giving them its trust.

While guinea pigs are not cuddly pets, just watching them can be a lot of fun for the owner. Most guinea pigs are good at daily grooming if used properly. The pet can also make joyful whistles and sounds calling for a meal.

Due to its gentle nature and interesting appearance, guinea Pig is a great friend of an older child. It can also be a friendly pet for an adult. When deciding on this pet, we just need to remember that guinea pigs can make noise at dawn. These are the hours of their greatest activity. In the afternoon, home-made coffees like lazy rest and observation of the people around them.

Shelter and nutritional requirements of guinea pigs

Or maybe a house for a guinea pig and additional equipment for the cage?

As we already know, the pig cage should be large enough. It will also be a good idea to additionally furnish its interior. All species of rodents like activity, so we can place various kinds of toys in the cage. A smooth-haired miniature or a guinea pig without hair should also have adequate shelter to ensure a sense of security.

The offers for sale will certainly find a house for a guinea pig. With a little skill, we can also make it ourselves. The guinea pig house should be adjusted to the size of the pet. If there are more animals in the cage, we can buy two shelters or one larger house for the guinea pig. The equipment of pet stores is so large that we will certainly find the perfect product for our pets.

The guinea pig house should have a removable roof and a spacious entrance. The basic equipment of the cage also includes a watering hole and a small feeder. Our miniature can also use more sophisticated accessories that will make her everyday life more pleasant.

Proper nutrition and possible health problems

Many future owners are wondering how many these rodent species live. It turns out that Peruvian or Abyssinian pigs live an average of 5 to 10 years. Proper care, especially proper nutrition, has a great influence on vitality.

Miniature smooth-haired or Peruvian can eat ready-made food. It’s worth reading their ingredients and choosing top-shelf products. The price of the food is not particularly high, and the purchase of even the best-quality product will not be too expensive.

A smooth-haired miniature, a hairless guinea pig or a Peruvian guinea pig can also eat fresh vegetables. They should be a small addition to your daily diet. Thanks to fresh products, our pet supplements the diet with vitamin C. A smooth-haired guinea pig or a Peruvian can also eat fresh fruit, but it should only be a rarely served delicacy, and not a daily menu.

Long-haired Peruvian guinea pig, as well as its appearance, description, character and breeding at home
What is the character and appearance of a Peruvian guinea pig, which is everything you should know

Remember that proper care and nutrition can protect your pet from many diseases. Therefore, in breeding farms, special attention should be paid to the quality of meals and additives. Unfortunately, even the best nutrition will not guarantee that the short-haired rosette or smooth-haired coffee will be completely protected against diseases.

There are external and internal parasites in farms that affect the health of the pet. That is why it is worth checking the condition of the fur on a regular basis and making sure that our home miniature is fully healthy. Stomach problems or diarrhea can also occur with improper nutrition. Possible diseases also include painful claw growth and gingivitis caused by vitamin C deficiency.

We should also remember that all rodent species, especially the hairless guinea pig, Peruvian and Abyssinian guinea pig, require adequate protection against cold and drafts. The thoughtful location of the cage is helpful here, as well as an additional house for the guinea pig.

Purchase price – how much does a Peruvian guinea pig cost

Guinea pigs are very popular pets, so almost every city has a farm that sells these creatures. Unfortunately, not every breed is so easily available, and the purchase price of a young pet can sometimes turn out to be quite high.

The purchase price of a short-haired guinea pig is usually PLN 50-150. The price for a Peruvian can sometimes be a bit higher. Due to the smaller number of farms, a thoroughbred Peruvian can cost about 70-300 PLN. Even more expensive are guinea pigs without hair, the purchase price of which ranges from 200 to 500 PLN.

An additional expense will also be a cage, a house for a guinea pig and full equipment. The purchase price of the entire kit necessary in breeding ranges from several dozen zlotys (in the case of used cages) to several hundred zlotys. Sometimes we have to pay over PLN 1000 for professional equipment for a larger number of animals.


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