Best outdoor guinea pig hutches. If you have guinea pigs or a rabbits at home, you may want to be outside in the summer time. They are social animals who like to be out in the open. At most, you can put them inside outdoor guinea pig hutches. Guinea pigs inside this hutch will feel safe. They also have extra space to run around, in case they want to.

One such guinea pig hutch is the FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch and Cover with Rain Cover. Here are its features:

  • It is made using high-quality wire. A full rain cover is now included in the latest model.
  • The wood used to make the outdoor guinea pig hutch is treated using a water-based anti-fungicidal animal. It is also free from environmental stain, which can be difficult to get off.
  • The wood is jointed and sanded to give it a smoother look. It is also screwed and glued around the edge.
  • Another feature of this outdoor guinea pig hutch is that it has a sliding tray. This makes cleaning so much easier. Anyone who has had a guinea pig knows they can be dirty at times. So, it makes things easier if there is a sliding tray.

Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutch

FeelGoodUK Guinea Pig With Rain Cover

This stunning Large Double Hutch Offers Spacious Conditions
  • The top floor can be shut off at night as this helps the animal sleep more comfortably.
  • If you have seen the picture, you should know that the double tier hutch has a lot of space in the living area. It also has a sheltered sleep compartment and an underrun below it. This underrun has 2 wire sides to the left.
  • The back is also made of wood, and this gives a good look to the hutch.
  • The outdoor guinea pig hutch has opening doors.
  • It’s small enough to comfortably fit in your garden space and big enough to accommodate your pets. The overall width of the 120 cm, while the overall depth is 50 cm. The height is 104 cm.

All things considered; the guinea pig hutch is a good buy. Most cavies will fall in love with it. Plus, it’s reasonably priced to buy.

Additionally, people who have used it seem to recommend it to other people. The instructions for putting it together are pretty clear, so even if you feel you do not have the skills and the expertise to put this stuff together, you can still do it. No worries!

Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutches

PawHut 2 Level Wooden Guinea Pig Hutch

PawHut 2 Level Wooden Guinea Pig Hutch

The outdoor guinea pig hutch comes with easy access and has an open roof. It also has a door with a latch in addition to a window and a pull-out tray. It can be difficult to put your hand in the nook and corners of the guinea pig hutch. This makes cleaning a whole lot easier.

This outdoor guinea pig hutch is incomplete without the asphalt roof. It has been tiled specifically for the protection of your furry friend. The tiles prevent water from building up and damaging the entire roof. It also helps to protect your pet from UV and water.


  • Colour: Light Grey
  • Material: Fir
  • Overall Dimension: 150L x 52.5W x 68H cm
  • Main House Dimension: 71.8L x 44W x 42.5H cm
  • Side Room Dimension: 75L x 44W x 53H cm
  • Bottom Room Dimension: 71.8L x 44W x 25.7H cm
  • Net Weight: 15.8kg
  • Flat Pack: Yes

The guinea pig hutch is shipped to you in parts. If you want to put it together, you will be required to assemble the hutch. However, before buying, you should determine how many of your pets will fit into this hutch.

4ft Chartwell Double Luxury Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch

  • It is produced by the British. The company is a proud member of the Made in British Campaign and the only supplier of Rabbit Hutches. They have the highest quality for outdoor guinea pig hutches. So, you might want to consider giving this a chance.
  • It’s super roomy. This means your guinea pig will have plenty of space to run around. This guinea pig hutch provides your pet with at least 2ft of headroom and another 2 ft of floor depth. It has the space your pet needs. Guinea pigs are social animals who like running around. If you buy this, you will be providing for their needs.

4ft Chartwell Double Luxury Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch

Large Outdoor Guinea Pigs Hutch
  • Since it’s 4ft tall, these outdoor guinea pigs cages keeps out the predators. It is made from thick Scandinavian timber, which helps to keep out foxes and other such predators that might decide to take a stroll in the garden and attack your furry friend. It is important to protect the guinea pigs. Hence, the outdoor guinea pig hutch prevents that.
  • Another pro to having this hutch is that it is easy to clean. We all know how important cleanliness is. It helps to keep the guinea pig healthy and can prolong their life. With large hutches, cleaning got a whole lot easier. All you have to do is open the doors and remove the cleaning bar from the top level. Then, sweep the waste into a container or bin. Isn’t that easier?

Hutch Features

  • The outdoor guinea pig hutch features include a cozy divided bedding area on the upper floor. It also comes with a central wire panel where you can hang a water bottle. Plus, there is a safety panel that your pet can access to get to the lower recreational run area.
  • The Large Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutch is raised on integral legs to prevent rising dampness. It also ensures adequate air circulation.
  • The wood is also weather-proof. It preserves the cage from sun deterioration. This increases the life of the outdoor guinea pig hutch.

If you opt for this, you are likely to get a value for your money. It will be shipped directly to your doorstep, should you choose to opt for it. Plus, there is a full refund policy, should you decide not to keep it. However, this policy must be availed in the first 30 days. So give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.