Lunkarya guinea pig is a variation of the Peruvian guinea pig breed.

Its origin takes us back to the Swedish discovery when a male pig with strange variations on his coat was found in litter and was named Prince Adam. When he was bred, his children also had similar coats.

It is popularly known as ‘lunks’ and has a long and scruffy coat which is dense and rough in structure and has brittle curly hair.

They come in three types with Lunkarya Sheltie having backward flowing hair.

Lunkarya Peruvian with a noticeable forelock, and Lunkarya Coronet with a crest of hair on the forehead.


Lunkarya, being social animals, enjoy living in herds. Lunkaryas will never be pleased until they have a companion. Research suggests that Lunkarya Guinea Pigs adopted in pairs tend to be healthier, happier, and more successful.

These can also be a high maintenance guinea pig and requires regular grooming, care, and proper handling.


The Lunkarya being a mild-mannered and is not an energetic breed yet it can be very interactive with other cavies.

Because of their cool and collected nature they can be easily-handled which makes the process of taming easy and manageable.

Lunkarya Guinea Pig Personality

Talking about its personality, this breed is very intellectually curious and not shy. They enjoy the love and parenting skills offered by the younger children and like to be handled and cared for. The Lunkarya guinea pig comes in a wide spectrum of shades and variations!

Lunkarya Guinea Pig Care

Regular grooming is a must for lunkaryas as their long and scruffy coat needs a lot of maintenance.

It quickly picks up dirt and dust particles making it the powerhouse of bacteria and brings in a lot of health concerns.

Therefore regular bathing and frequent brushing are recommended to ensure a healthy and happy cavy.

They must be given a balanced diet with proper nutrition.

Along with food pellets, Timothy hay, water, and sufficient vitamin C, the guinea pig diet should include fruits and veggies.

But in moderation and its overconsumption should be strictly avoided. Commercial food shall also be avoided as they tend to have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

Lunkarya Guinea Pig Health Problems

This breed is a healthy one in general. Their dense coats, however, render them prone to heatstroke as they do not cope well in hot weather conditions. This is because of the density of their coats which affects its body’s natural cooling process.  Therefore effective measures must be taken to ensure the animal is cool if one lives in a warm area.

However, Lunkarya like other cavies is prone to some health issues like Pneumonia due to climate change or extreme weather conditions.

Diarrhea due to an unhealthy diet, and Vitamin C deficiency which can eventually lead to scurvy.

When the pigs are not groomed properly they can have ingrown nails, parasite and skin problems as well as urine problems.

If they’re handled with proper care and groomed regularly, Lunkarya’s can live for up to seven years.