Guinea pig for a child of 7 years

Is the guinea pig suitable for a 7-year-old child? Guinea pigs come from South America and are perfect for breeding by families with very young children. If your child is 7 years old and feels ready to adopt a pet, the guinea pig is a great choice.

In the past, they were used for laboratory experiments on animals, today they are just our fluffy friends. They live about seven years and do not show great intellectual abilities, but they like to be petted, can learn to recognize their master and make squeaking noises when they are happy.

They are a good choice for a first pet as they require relatively little care and children can take most of them with ease. A baby with a guinea pig he can learn responsibility by feeding his pet twice a day, pouring water into a drinker, letting him play in the room, and even cleaning the cage daily.

Good hygiene of his bed is necessary as he uses his mat both as a sleeping place and a toilet. The long and fluffy fur of the guinea pig is often dull, so it is worth having a suitable brush and combing it if necessary. Combing can be fun, so assign the task to your child.

Guinea pigs eat cabbage, lettuce, and the like. In pet stores, you can find molds or chewing twigs that are suitable for them. They feel happier when they’re not alone, so it’s a great idea to get two. It is good to know that if you choose to have more animals, they must be of the same sex.

Guinea pig

Guinea pigs are fluffy, soft and playful, they easily tolerate constant caresses and children’s games. They are harmless and patient, but may show signs of aggression if they sense a death threat. There is no danger that the guinea pig will bite your baby if handled carefully.

Explain to your child that they should not squeeze too tightly as they are very fragile and their spine can be easily broken. Show him how to properly remove him from the cage and hold him down to avoid injury.

This animal does not have the agility of a cat and the strength of a rabbit and cannot defend itself. Make sure your child understands this before letting them have fun. If the kid treats her properly and cares for the guinea pig, he will feel happy and will be happy to go out and play.

Do not give up baby guinea pigif you find that his behavior is lethargic and he doesn’t feel well. Be careful because even if he does get guinea pig disease, your baby probably won’t notice it. It is necessary to take him for a preventive examination by a veterinarian at least twice a year.


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