Kawia is a very grateful pet that fits perfectly at home and in the apartment. Immediately after purchasing this pet, you should get it used to the new conditions. Therefore, below we will tell you how to tame a guinea pig step by step. We will show you the most important information that will help you establish friendly relations with your little pet. Finally, we will also suggest whether a hammock for a guinea pig is a good and safe idea.

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A guinea pig in a blue blanket as well as tips on how to tame a guinea pig
Tips on how to tame a guinea pig, or how to tame a guinea pig step by step

How to tame a guinea pig – step 1: getting used to the cage

The first steps in getting your guinea pig accustomed to their new home should be very gentle. At first, our new companion will not feel comfortable at home, so during the first few days it is worth giving him as much peace as possible, not lifting or taking him out of the cage.

The Teddy guinea pig or the rosette are skittish creatures. It is best to leave the cage elevated and allow your pet to freely observe the surroundings. In the first days, we can admire our rosette from a distance and allow the pet to slowly get used to the new conditions.

After a few days, the guinea pig should get used to the cage. It will be the best time to start the second stage of familiarizing yourself with life at home or in an apartment. To begin with, we can get used to the rosette or Teddy’s pig to our presence. It is enough for us to sit near the cage and talk to the pet in a gentle voice. We repeat the activity regularly for at least one day. At that time, you shouldn’t pick your pet or take it out of its cage.

How to tame a guinea pig – step 2: getting used to the touch

The Teddy guinea pig or rosette has a very joyful and sociable character. Therefore, its familiarization with humans is not particularly complicated. Just open the cage and put your hand inside. Taming must be carried out in small stages here. At the beginning, the pig gets to know our smell, we can touch it gently, and if it does not run away, also stroke it.

After being fully familiar with the touch, you can gently lift the rosette. Just remember to get your pet used to it with very gentle movements. Lifting or picking up too quickly can frighten the creature excessively and reduce its sense of security.

If our Teddy guinea pig or rosette can be easily lifted, we can think about familiarizing her with the entire room. This will be the last, quite important stage of getting used to your home or apartment. Or maybe you will also be interested this article about recommended guinea pig toys?

How to tame a guinea pig – step 3: having fun together at home

All information about the nature of guinea pigs assures us that it is a pet that likes to play with humans. We can take advantage of this and allow the kawaii to wander around our house or apartment.

Before letting your pet out of the cage, it is worth carefully securing the room. Pay attention to the protruding cables and all the elements that should not be bitten. It will also be good to block the space behind the couches or sofas, thanks to which we will avoid the risk that the guinea pig will run away to a place that is difficult for us.

In order to accustom the rosette to the entire room, we can open its cage and enable independent exploration of the area. In the case of the cage standing on a platform, we have to lift the guinea pig and slowly move it to the floor. At the beginning, we can also put up a small house, thanks to which the rosette or the Teddy guinea pig will gain more self-confidence.

Guinea pig on a white background as well as taming and tips on how to tame a guinea pig
Taming guinea pig at home, or tips on how to tame a guinea pig

Taming the room is not particularly complicated. Kawia already knows all the smells and household members, so exploring the area will not be too stressful for her. While playing together, we have to keep an eye on the rosette and tread the floor very carefully. We should also remember that guinea pig likes to walk confidently on the ground, so it should not be placed on uneven surfaces or furniture.

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Can you train your guinea pig? Useful information

Many people read information on feeding and taming domestic guinea pig beans, but do not realize that rodents can also be trained and taught interesting tricks. It is worth remembering that the guinea pig has a friendly character, but is also a perceptive and intelligent creature.

In order to train your pet, it is enough to motivate it properly. The best way is to choose a good treat, which is an attractive reward for guinea pig beans. Then we choose the trick we want to practice. The trick of standing on the hind legs is very popular. It is enough to give the pet a verbal command and lead it through the next stages (e.g. by gently lifting the front paws). After each successful attempt, we reward the guinea pig with a treat, thanks to which it will associate the command with the action and the reward.

The young guinea pig Teddy or the rosette may know many more tricks. To train your pet, all you need is patience, consistency and a very gentle treatment. Learning should be fun together. We cannot get angry with the animal or punish it when it does not perform a given activity. By doing this, we could only destroy the positive relationship with the rodent and make the guinea pig lose confidence in us.

Hammock for a guinea pig – is it a good idea?

A well-chosen hammock for the guinea pig turns out to be an interesting element of the cage’s equipment. The sales offers include many products of this type, intended for both small and slightly larger rodents.

We can also make a simple hammock for a guinea pig by ourselves. All we need for this is a piece of strong material and appropriate mounting. Let’s just remember that a piggy is not as agile as hamsters or rats. The guinea pig hammock should therefore be large enough and placed close to the ground. In this way, our pet will be able to rest in a safe and comfortable space.


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