Guinea pigs love to eat

Guinea pigs are extremely cute, non-aggressive and playful little animals that learn to recognize the voice of their owners and are strongly attached to the people who care for them.

For this reason, it is not difficult for the owner to make friends with his pet, and a fluffy and playful little rodent will turn even a boring and gloomy day into a happy and fun one.

Make friends with a guinea pig it begins with its domestication from the moment you enter your new home. What should be a person’s steps and how to approach the new acquisition of life to ensure a good relationship from day one? See the following lines what do guinea pigs love? and how to tame a guinea pig?.

On the first day of breeding a guinea pig, the most important things that are usually needed have already been purchased. When bringing your pet to a new place, it will be stressed, because the pet is very fragile. Therefore, he must immediately be left in his new home to calm down and explore his new home.

The owner must be aware that guinea pigs are very skittish, so avoid unnecessary noise to avoid stress. This pet is most prone to stressful situations. It is his part to speak softly, calmly, and in a steady tone that reassures him. Kindness is a quick step towards making friends with a guinea pig.

Cute guinea pig

In order to make friends with a pet, he must feel completely at ease in the presence of his owner. Here are some practical tips on how to approach a fluffy shy ball:

– Give your new home carrots or apples and talk to them quietly and calmly. He will be scared and will hide in his house, but when he is convinced that you are not threatening him, he will take his favorite guinea pig food. Always feed it from your hand. In this way, he will get used to the smell of his master, and in time he will begin to boldly take food from the hands of friends already at home;

– When the pig is no longer afraid to smell the owner’s hand, it can be lightly stroked on the head or back. If he is calm, caress him to gain his trust. This is another step towards domestication of guinea pigs.

– To befriend your guinea pig often take her in your arms. Put him on your lap and talk to him calmly, not making sudden movements. If you often repeat the name you choose for him, he will remember it and react;

Making friends with a guinea pig is not difficult

– Give him his favorite dishes, he will make joyful noises when he sees that you feed him;

– Guinea pigs like to solve them. If you regularly look after your fluffy kennel, she will be very attached to you.

Guinea pigs understand when they are cared for, cared for, and loved and react with confidence. This is how the pet becomes the pet’s friend.


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