The guinea pig is a household animal familiar to most people. This friendly, medium-sized rodent, however, requires proper conditions for a happy life. Owning a domestic coffee beans, as the guinea pig is otherwise known, is related to the purchase of a suitable cage for it. So how to choose and equip a cage for a new tenant?

How to choose and equip a cage for a guinea pig?

Proper size and height of the cage

Before we decide what cage we want to buy, we should consider whether we are ultimately going to have one or more guinea pigs. The cage for one rodent should be a different size than for two or more animals. However, it should be remembered that domestic coffees are herd animals, so they are much better able to live together than alone.

a cage for a guinea pigOptimal size guinea pig cages it should be at least 80 cm long and 50 cm wide. In this way, the piggy has enough space to run freely and lie down comfortably. An interesting fact is that these rodents like to lie stretched out, therefore the cage must not be too small. Likewise, for more guinea pigs, the cage should be correspondingly larger. What should be considered? Each individual should be provided with enough space to easily lie down and hide in a safe place in the cage.

Another issue is to estimate the height of the cage in such a way that the pig can also stand on its hind legs without any problems. It’s no secret that these animals are known for making a characteristic stand-up collar. So providing them with enough space will make their lives long and happy. In the online pet store Tukan24 we can find various sizes rodent cages, including those intended for guinea pigs.

Hygiene and care issues

The cage has to be cleaned regularly, so instead of the aquarium it is better to choose a cage with a practical, retractable litter box. Thanks to this, we can quickly clean the bottom of the litter box of excrement and replace the substrate with a clean one. Best choose a cage with a tall litter boxthis way you will avoid pigs spreading sawdust all over the room. It is the habit of pigs to jump up the so-called popcorning and scattering the contents of the litter box to the sides in search of food. Hence, the appropriate height of the litter box and an additional cage cover seem to be helpful.

Depending on where we place the cage, we should have free access to the guinea pigs living in it. Thanks to the top and side opening, we can easily perform the necessary care activities for our little friends.

Pig house

guinea pig cagesIf we chose a cage for our rodent, it is also worth equipping it with useful accessories. Majority guinea pigs at first it is very skittish, so putting it in a cage is a great solution rodent house. Rodents like to feel safe, so when they feel threatened or need rest and sleep, they like to hide in an isolated place. We can choose from various types of houses, made of wood, plastic or material. Depending on which house from the Tukan24 offer we choose, our pigs will be satisfied.

Food containers and water drinker

The cage can also be equipped with two containers, one for food as dry as grain food and the other for fresh food, consisting of vegetables and fruits. Additionally, we can put the so-called pasturefrom which animals can freely choose hay to eat, without the risk of mixing it with dirty sawdust.

Another useful addition is water drinker. A plastic container with a metal tube is hung outside the cage. In this way, the piggy takes up water without difficulty, without wetting the sawdust and food. Water bowls do not work, due to the tendency of pigs to knock them over and spill food.

Owning a guinea pig is a great experience for the whole family. However, it is worth choosing the right place for her and useful accessories. Providing her with a safe place to live will make her a healthy and happy pet.

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