Guinea pigs are among the most popular rodents that are kept by humans at home. How long does the rosette or skinny guinea pig live? What will the life expectancy of a domestic coffee bean? We advise on how to take care of a pig so that it reaches its longest possible age.

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A guinea pig on a white background, as well as how much does the guinea pig live and how long it lives
Guinea pigs and information on how many guinea pigs live and how long they live

How Much Does a Guinea Pig Live? Description of the breed and types of pigs

How long does house coffee live?

Many different factors affect the age of your guinea pigs. One of them are the genes of the rodent, as well as the species to which the pet belongs. It is worth finding out what types of guinea pigs are. They differ mainly in length and form of their hair. We divide pigs into:

  • hairless guinea pigs – this group includes only skinny pigs (bald guinea pig),
  • short-haired guinea pigs – the well-known short-haired pig is, among others American, Crested (smoothhaired), Teddy, Abyssinian (rosette) or Rex,
  • longhair guinea pigs – these include, for example, the most popular Peruvian long-haired guinea pig, but also Sheltie, Texel and Angora.

Pigs differ not only in appearance, but also in size. Small and large pigs live an average of 5-7 years, although the age of pigs can be much longer. Pig life expectancy is not the norm, but you should remember about a very important fact. Pigs have a long life and will need to be cared for for many years to come. Or maybe you will also be interested this article about skinny guinea pig?

What should guinea pigs eat to live as long as possible?

Every guinea pig should eat a healthy diet – not only small, but also larger piglets. The bald guinea pig is herbivorous like the longhair, shorthair and smoothhaired guinea pig. Therefore, you should provide your pets with as much hay and herbs as possible, along with ready-made, properly balanced dry food. It is worth feeding your guinea Pig also with raw vegetables. The healthiest and the ones that the piggy can eat at all include:

  • a carrot
  • parsley (root and leaves)

  • beets

  • green cucumbers
  • spinach (be careful with the amount as it acidifies the body)
  • celery

  • romaine lettuce leaves
  • chicory

  • kale

You can also feed your piggy with fruit. However, you should not overdo them, because they should not form the basis of the diet – due to the amount of sugar they contain. The most popular fruits are:

  • Apple
  • banana

  • watermelon

Recommended products for guinea pigs

Try not to give pigs ready-made foods, rich in carbohydrates. Unfortunately, mumps will have a hard time digesting them – which will negatively affect their health. Also, do not change pigs’ diets too drastically as their digestive system is really sensitive. Do you want the guinea pig to live as long as possible?

Pay attention to what times your piggy sleeps and preferably feed it twice a day, at the same time. Also, do not forget about water, which is the basic element in the life of every rodent. However, water is also present in vegetables and fruits, so some pigs won’t need the extra water from the drinker.

Guinea Pig – how long does a guinea pig live? Description

How to properly care for a guinea pig?

The conditions you create for your domestic coffee beans will be very important. It is a terrestrial rodent, so it will definitely not climb inclines or jump to a higher level in the cage. You also need to ensure a suitable cage area so that the pet can rest in it. The size of the cage is important because the pig is not only sleeping, but also walking and stretching. It is assumed that the cage area for one pig should be at least 80 x 50 cm. If there are more pigs, the cage will also have to be larger.

Guinea pig eating parsley on a white background, as well as information on how long the guinea pig lives
Information on how long a guinea pig lives, i.e. how long do guinea pigs live

The cage should be placed in a quiet place, not next to a radiator and not in a draft. Do not put it on the floor – and when you do, put a mat underneath, for example. Thanks to this, a skinny pig or a rosette will not quickly contract any common diseases of guinea pigs. Be sure to consider buying two pigs. These rodents are gregarious and will feel better when they live with another pig. Even if you spend a lot of time with her, there is no substitute for a mumps companion in the form of a second mumps. It’s best to choose same-sex pigs or two different ones – but one should then be sterilized (and it’s best to sterilize both).

Diseases of guinea pigs

It is assumed that the rodent begins to age after approx. 6 years of age. Then he starts to eat less and sleep more, jumps up less often and plays less willingly. His immunity also drops, and this often brings disease or even … death of mumps. Health problems may occur in mumps, but not only because of age. Every mumps can develop some health problems, and some of them are not helped by even the healthiest environment. The most common health problems of guinea pigs include:

  • bronchitis and pneumonia,
  • parasites (e.g. chicken lice),
  • molars overgrowth,
  • eye problems (e.g. viral keratitis)
  • food allergies,
  • constipation and diarrhea (resulting from improper feeding of the guinea pig).

The listed diseases are not all that a guinea pig can contract. It is therefore important that you visit your vet periodically for a checkup for your rodent. In the event of ailments, you should go to a good veterinarian who deals with the treatment of exotic rodents as soon as possible. It is worth reacting quickly, because mumps have quite weak immunity and not all of them will survive a seemingly mild disease. If you give your mumps enough care and care, they can live much longer than 7 years. Of course, this is a huge obligation, which should be borne in mind even before deciding to buy a guinea pig.

Do not forget to treat guinea Pig. Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose a disease yourself, so it will be better to diagnose your suspicion in a vet’s office. Healthy nutrition, care, appropriate living conditions and caring for the pig will ensure it a long and happy life.


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