Accessories for the guinea pig are just as important as the right-sized cage or food. The guinea pig loves a lazy and blissful rest, so you should provide her with the best opportunity to relax. Every piggy likes to rest – teddy guinea pig, rosette, Peruvian or skinny guinea pig. Some people prefer to rest in a wooden house, while other pigs prefer a corner, triangular hammock or deckchair. Instead of buying it at a pet store, it will be worth trying to make a hammock yourself! How to make a hammock for a guinea pig? We advise!

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Guinea pig lying in a hammock as well as a guinea pig hammock step by step and price
A hammock for a guinea pig, i.e. a hammock step by step and the price for a deckchair

Hammock for the guinea pig

Why is it worth sewing a deckchair to a pig yourself?

Today, practically everyone has a pet at home. Rodents such as guinea pigs are less problematic. Many Poles have pigs in their homes, but not everyone is fully aware that guinea pigs have really big requirements. Today, it is not enough just to know what guinea pigs eat and what kind of house for the guinea pig to buy. The guinea pig is a very affectionate creature that also has high requirements when it comes to various accessories in the cage. Of course, the most important ones include ceramic bowls, a drinker or a substrate. However, every teddy or skinny guinea pig also needs a suitable resting place. And this is, for example, a hammock.

It cannot be denied that most guinea pigs love relaxing on all kinds of hammocks. The larger and more comfortable the hammock is, the happier the guinea pig will be. Among the most popular are the triangular, double, corner or square hammock, and even a suspended tunnel. Of course, the dimensions of the couch should be adjusted to the size of the guinea pig. The price of a hammock will also be different – the bigger and more complicated the hammock is, the more expensive it will be. Every piggy would definitely like to have them all, to creatively stretch out their little feet on it. However, the cage cannot accommodate them all. However, you can sew a hammock, which will be universal and at the same time the most suitable for a pig.

How to make a hammock?

To make a hammock for a guinea pig, you should prepare the following materials:

  • needle,
  • string,
  • piece of cloth,
  • scissors,
  • thread.

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Now follow the instructions below, making sure you go through each step correctly:

  1. Cut out two triangles (there can also be one), the dimensions of which will match the size of the pig. Prepare a string or wide laces. You can also use a strip cut from a piece of fabric if you don’t have laces or string. A piece of fabric can be matched to the style and color of the hammock.
  2. Sew two strings (or straps) to each corner of the hammock fabric.

  3. You can now tie the hammock to the cage or decide to cut the other part of the material. It is best if such material is as fluffy as possible – then pigs will be able to feel much better and rest more comfortably.

  4. Tie the hammock in the corner of the cage and wait for the pig to come over and sniff it. Once he gets used to it, he will definitely try to climb onto the hammock. Once he has tasted how nice it is to rest on such a couch, he will definitely not come down from there any time soon! Or maybe you will also be interested this article about choosing a nest for your guinea pig?

Two guinea pigs lying in a hammock as well as a guinea pig hammock and the price for a sun lounger or hammock
How to make a hammock for a guinea pig step by step, as well as the price for the finished hammock

How to make a comfortable hammock for a guinea pig?

What else can you sew a hammock for a pig?

If you want the hammock to be stable and durable, you can also sew it from old trousers, e.g. jeans. Denim material is durable and thick, so it will be easy to hang it and at the same time make sure that the pig does not fall off it. The hammock will also not deform under the weight of the guinea pig when it is seated in it. Of course, so that the mumps are not so hard and unpleasant, you can put inside, for example, a fleece hat, which will increase the comfort of the rodent’s rest. To make a hammock out of jeans, you should:

  1. Prepare two sheets of denim with dimensions suitable for the pig.
  2. Put both sheets on top of each other and sew three sides, leaving the fourth freely.

  3. Turn the fabric over and the seam will hide inside the hammock.

  4. Insert fleece or other soft material inside – through the fourth, unstitched side. You can use, for example, a fleece hat for Santa.

  5. Stuff the hammock with fabric and sew the last side.

  6. The hammock is ready. Just hang it now. You can use haberdashery strings or thicker laces. You should sew such strings to each corner of the hammock, attach the hooks and attach, preferably to the corner of the cage.

What else is worth knowing about the hammock for guinea pigs?

Without a doubt, the hammock can always be a bit dirty. The pig will climb up and down on it, so it will always leave a lot of rubbish and hair behind. Of course, this is very normal as the piggy often rests on the soft couch. However, there is no need to be discouraged by the fact that the hair is left behind – when cleaning the cage, just run your wet hand over the hammock and the hair will stick to your hand. Really, no philosophy!

Also remember not to hang it too high when suspending the hammock! Unfortunately, it can be difficult for mumps to jump in then. In addition, guinea pigs have rather weak backbones, so place your hammock as close to the ground as possible. If your pet doesn’t want to climb onto the hammock right away, that’s okay! It is very normal. See that the guinea pig has entered and the whole hammock is moving? This is also perfectly normal. Pig thinks you have to stand there, so he uses a lot of strength to stay in the hammock. This is why the hammock is shaking! It is a good idea to stroke the pig and reassure him that everything is fine and that he can lie in the hammock.

It is worth considering making a hammock for the pig yourself. Why? Well, store hammocks are usually quite an exorbitant price. It’s hard to find accessories of this type that will cost less than PLN 40. So it’s definitely better to bet on… yourself!


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