Guinea pigs are one of the most popular rodents kept in homes. They owe their popularity to their attractive appearance and ease of breeding. Unfortunately, many people who have never had contact with guinea pigs incorrectly assume that the guinea pig is such a larger hamster when choosing equipment for the new home of the future pet. Nothing could be more wrong.

toys for guinea pig

Guinea Pig, because that is its proper name, although, like a hamster, it is a rodent, both in disposition and in physical terms, it differs significantly from its smaller relative. Therefore, it also has other requirements and needs. In today’s post, we will try to clarify this issue, which will allow in the future to avoid mistakes for beginner guinea pig sympathizers.

What to avoid when buying guinea pig toys?

Certainly, everyone after hearing the slogan “rodent toys”All sorts of reels, balls and merry-go-rounds come to mind. When deciding to breed coffee beans, we must forget about these types of accessories. Guinea pigs, unlike their more mobile and lively cousins, are delicate rodents. Their spine is significantly different from that of a hamster, which could lead to dangerous injuries with toys such as crutches or reels. What’s more, guinea pigs are also quite lazy by nature, so you may find that they simply won’t be interested in the more fancy attractions that they can meet in their cage.

Guinea pig toys – simplicity above all

Another thing that distinguishes guinea Pigs from hamsters is their sociable nature. They are herd animals, so they value contact with other living creatures, which, when we cannot afford more than one pig, is human. Therefore, the attractions that await them in their home are not so important to them. It is worth equipping the cage with a small one hammockin which the piggy will be able to both rest and swing. However, you must remember to hang it as low as possible. Fleece blankets – it does not sound very exciting, but contrary to appearances guinea pigs love them. They can jerk them for hours and jump on them. They also fulfill bedding. As guinea pigs love hay, it’s good to combine business with pleasure and equip the cage with a hanging pasture in the form of a ball that will not only feed our coffee, but also keep it entertained.

Guinea pig toys – do it yourself!

Nothing is more proud than seeing a pet having a great time with a toy we managed to create ourselves. It is one of the simplest accessories that we can afford at home pig house. If we have a basic set of tools and a few short boards, we can easily build such a house. Guinea pigs love to nibble on everything that is within their reach, so the house must be made of rodent-friendly wood. Under no circumstances should it be covered with paint with toxic properties. If our pig is still small, it is worth bearing in mind that it will still grow a lot, so when selecting the entrance hole, it is better to follow its target dimensions. A cardboard playground filled with sawdust is undoubtedly something that every rodent loves. It is worth creating such a playground outside the cage, which will allow us to additionally interact with the pig, which, as already mentioned, is by nature a social animal. Due to the delicate structure of pigs, however, you should remember about certain issues when creating this type of attraction. Tunnels should be of a sufficiently larger diameter so that the pig could move freely in them and turn back without problems. The tunnels should be horizontal and laid on the ground to prevent the coffee from losing ground under the paws. Even the smallest falls can be dangerous for this fragile rodent.

In summary, guinea pigs are unique rodents, which, although slightly different from their most common relatives in homes, can bring as much joy as a frisky hamster. It is worth bearing in mind that these animals tolerate loneliness very badly and even if they have everything they need in a cage, and even more, they may turn out to be unhappy. Therefore, it is very important to interact with them through play as often as possible. This will keep them in good mental condition, thanks to which the pig will enjoy our eye for many years.

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