A rosette, Peruvian or skinny guinea pig are animals that we often keep in our own apartment. In order for the pig to live in full health and happiness, it should be provided with a sufficient amount of not only care, but also fun. Although pigs are quite lazy by nature, toys for guinea pigs will certainly provide them with more physical activity. What are the best articles for guinea pigs? Which accessories do rodents like to play with? Is it possible to make such ones yourself? We advise!

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Guinea pig with colorful gifts on a white background, as well as toys for the guinea pig
Guinea pig toys, which are worth equipping in the guinea pig cage

Guinea pig toys

Why is it worth buying piggy play articles?

Without a shadow of a doubt, guinea pigs are intelligent, curious, but also energetic rodents. They like the company of not only a second pig, but also a human. When they are not provided with a companion, they have to somehow let their energy escape and move a little in the cage. For this, a suitable toy will be useful, adapted to the build and specificity of the pig. The rodent should not get bored, so as not to become lethargic and unhappy. So that the guinea pig can use its energy and be always cheerful, it will be worth browsing the pet store to buy interesting gadgets for the cage. Don’t know how to tame a guinea pig? Colorful toys will definitely make it easier!

Lots of people think piggies are lazy. Of course, they are not lively animals like the hamster and degus. However, piggies don’t like to be bored either! If you do not give them enough fun, they will become depressed and whine. It turns out that not only the right guinea pig cage is the most important thing – its equipment is what counts. It will therefore be worth investing in useful accessories such as a mattress, blanket, hammock and many more. The pig likes to jump from time to time, for example, on the roof of the house or lie on soft lairs. The toy will bring joy not only to the pig, but also to its owner. Thanks to it, you will be able to observe how the pig is dealing with a new item, which can be very fun at times – especially since the happy piggy … jumps up!

The best guinea pig toys

It turns out that almost every pet store has a lot of toys for guinea pigs to offer. The store offers products designed especially for rodents that will be safe for them and ensure a lot of fun. There are some important things to keep in mind when buying toys:

1. Hamster toys are not guinea pig toys! At first glance, you may think that the reel will be a great toy for the pig. However, the backbone of pigs is very different from that of hamsters – they are much weaker, so piggy won’t be able to use such a toy. And if he tries, it can only damage his spine!

2. You don’t have to buy very fancy pig toys. There is no need to force her to exercise. Having an ordinary blanket or a house, a pig will certainly use it well, devoting a lot of energy to it – a lot for a rodent with less physical activity.

Recommended products for guinea pigs

What do guinea pigs like to play with?

Useful accessories for the guinea pig cage

Skinny guinea pigs, Peruvian guinea pigs, Sheltie guinea pigs or rosette guinea pigs are very fond of some cage accessories. However, the greatest attention should be paid to the purchase of items such as:

  • wood house – such a house does not need to be bought in a pet store, because you can also do it yourself. Wooden houses are durable and also difficult to destroy by a piglet. Not only that, the guinea pig can nibble on it, thus grinding its teeth. The wooden houses are pretty, and you can make almost any structure or toy out of them. The only disadvantage of wooden houses is the fact that they cost more than plastic ones. However, take into account the fact that plastic can harm the mumps after a bite, and also does not look very aesthetically pleasing in a cage.
  • hand pig toys – it is always worth using self-made toys, which are a great alternative to sometimes expensive toys from a pet store. DIY decorations are not expensive, and you can adjust them to a given catwalk or cage. You can, for example, use a thicker cardboard and make it a hiding place for a pig. You can also make her a gift in the form of, for example, a handmade hammock – of course, made of a durable material.
A guinea pig outside with a flower wreath on its head and toys for the guinea pig
What toys for a guinea pig are worth buying or making yourself step by step

It is worth paying attention to the fact that toys for guinea pigs are made of ecological materials that will not be able to harm the pet. Do not forget that guinea pigs often nibble on various elements of the cage’s equipment, so it’s better not to reach for the cheapest products. Unfortunately, they can only harm rodents. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out too this article about accessories for guinea pigs.

Other guinea pig cage toys

In order for the guinea pig to be happy in its cage, it will be worth buying it:

  • hammock – thanks to it, the pig will be able to relax or sleep. Pigs like to swing on such hammocks because it gives them a lot of fun. However, remember to hang your hammock as low as possible from the ground.
  • fleece blankets – every piggy loves them! Rodents willingly lie on them, jump on them or bury themselves in them.
  • tunnels – guinea pigs are happy to hide or play in such. It can be, for example, a tunnel made of natural cardboard, which you attach to the top of the cage on a metal chain. The diameter of the tunnel should be slightly larger than that of the guinea pig.
  • herbal bag with teethers – you can hang one on a cage and the pigs will rummage in the bag in search of flavors. To bite or unhook the herb bag, the guinea pigs will have to work hard! This way, you’ll keep them attracted for hours without disturbing your sleep. The bag, hitting the cage, will not make noise – especially since such accessories are usually jute. You will quickly find out how much the guinea pigs will love “working out” a fragrant bag!


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