There are many varieties of guinea pig. It is also very popular, so buying the selected breed is not problematic. Is there a bald mumps? What is the Peruvian guinea pig and what is the Abyssinian guinea pig? Which variety is longhaired? Is there a miniature guinea pig? Is the price of a guinea pig big? A pet shop or a registered kennel is a better solution? Read on and you’ll find the answers to these questions.

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Guinea pig on the wooden floor as well as how much is the guinea pig
The price of a guinea pig, i.e. how much does a guinea pig of a given species cost

Breeding of guinea pigs

What should you know about guinea pig farming?

House coffee is the correct name for a guinea pig, but its colloquial term is definitely more recognizable. They come from South America, where they are further bred for consumption. It is not a popular phenomenon in Poland. Currently, guinea pigs are bred primarily as a hobby and for companionship.

The guinea pig is a herd animal. She doesn’t take loneliness well. When you decide to buy it, you need to realize that it’s best to buy two at once. It’s a good idea to take them from the same farm as guinea pigs get very close to each other. However, if you plan to buy a second one at a later time, you have to take into account that they may not tolerate each other initially. The guinea pig in its territory can be especially problematic. The breeder should advise how to behave in such a situation and how to proceed with their further review.

Breeding guinea pigs receive a pedigree and can participate in exhibitions. When visiting a farm, take a good look at the conditions in which guinea pigs live. Are there too many individuals in their cages? Are they clean? Do they look healthy? Are they aggressive towards people or among themselves? Is her fur drooling? If anything worries you, don’t get a pet from this place. There is a high probability that she will be sick or cause problems in her upbringing.

How much is a guinea pig?

The price of a guinea pig basically does not depend on its variety. They are all at similar prices. The cost depends on where you plan to buy this small rodent. When deciding to buy a pet store, we can expect the required amount of PLN 20-80, although the animals seem to be more expensive (about PLN 100).

The breeding of guinea pigs is a safer option. However, here you have to take into account that the cost of the rodent will be greater. It is a question of PLN 100-300 (usually PLN 200). The price of the guinea pig is not high, but you also have to take into account that you still need to purchase the necessary accessories for it. Some may even be more expensive than home-made coffee itself.

Ads can be found on advertising portals (e.g. You can also follow the breeding fanpage on Facebook. Are you thinking about starting your own? Due to the fact that there are a lot of them, many guinea pigs end up in shelters or on the street. Before you decide to start a farm, make sure you have someone to sell it to. A guinea pig’s pregnancy lasts around 60-70 days, and usually between 1 and 6 babies are born. If you are planning on purchasing this pet, check also this article about recommended guinea pig toys.

Recommended products for guinea pigs

Guinea Pig – information

Varieties of guinea pigs

In Europe, the smooth-haired guinea pig is the most popular, but it is not the only variety available, e.g. in Poland. There is no miniature guinea Pig. The life expectancy of these rodents is estimated at 6-8 years, but some individuals live up to 10 years (the record is 14 years and 10 months). However, at the age of 5-6, your pet’s health problems may begin.

Guinea pigs can be divided into:

  • short-haired – it is an Abyssinian guinea pig (rosette), smooth-haired, teddy, rex, american crested, english crested,
  • longhair – Peruvian guinea pig, coronet and sheltie are longhair varieties with straight hair. Curly long hair coffee is texel, alpaca, lunkarya and merino,
  • hairless – this is a skinny guinea pig, but also a baldwin.

Domestic coffee has a variety of coat colors. It can be one-color (monocolor), two-color (bicolor) and tricolor (tricolor). Possible colors are: white, black, beige, cream, gold, saffron, red, sable, stale blue, buff. There is also the color of agouti (golden, silver, gray, cream, cinnamon, orange, buff). Different meanings are allowed.

Guinea pigs are energetic and friendly. They live in herds of several individuals. They are active during the day and night. In addition, they have a strong territorial instinct. Although the domestic ones do not fight as fiercely as their wild cousins, they still need time to get used to the new individual. Rather, they do not dig burrows, but choose the already existing ones. Through constant contact with a person, they become attached to him. Their cage should be placed so that they can observe their surroundings. They do not tolerate both low and high temperatures.

Accessories for the guinea pig

They are not lively animals, so you can do without shelves or platforms. You don’t actually need a cage with a closed top, but it doesn’t hurt to buy one that is fully enclosed. The gaps between the rungs in the guinea pig cage should be small so that the head does not roll over and become jammed or spill out. It is best to separate the enclosure for this rodent and not let it freely run on the floor, because then it can hide under the sofa or bite the cables.

The cage itself should be quite large (at least 100×60 cm, if there are two specimens, for one it may be 80×60 cm), because this is where the guinea Pig spends most of its life. It is also important that it has a smooth base. Guinea pigs have tiny paws that can fall into the holes between the bars and hurt themselves. It is best to choose wooden pellets or mulch as a litter. Some guinea pigs can kill themselves in the litter box.

A guinea pig sitting outside in the grass, and also the price of a guinea pig of different kinds
Information on how much the guinea pig costs, that is, the estimated price of the guinea pig

Apart from the cage, a sleeping house is also important. You can also place lairs in the cage (some look like a sofa, but they can also be low platforms). The reel is unlikely to work for them, but they will not disdain various tunnels, bridges, and low swings. Some guinea pigs may like to play with rolls or balls.

Do not forget about the bowl for dry food (quite heavy so that the guinea pig does not throw it), a water drinker and a feeder. The hay should not be spread on the ground because it can get dirty and make the guinea pig sick. A special feeder must be placed high enough that guinea Pig does not jump into it.

Nutrition and care of guinea pigs

The bald guinea pig has its followers. This variety was bred in a laboratory. It has only rudimentary fur on its face and sometimes on its paws. It is important that the food of bald guinea pigs is high in calories, otherwise the rodent will have trouble maintaining a proper body temperature. Skinny guinea pig care consists of weekly baths and moisturizing the skin with olive oil. Otherwise, it may dry out.

Short-haired guinea pigs should be combed and their hair checked (whether they have any parasites, skin allergies, etc.). However, it is mostly long hair who need care for their hair. Don’t do it too hard and it’s best to use a soft brush. You also need to trim their claws regularly as they are not rubbing them hard enough. It is different with teeth. They should rub them off themselves by eating harder things. However, if you notice that the guinea pig is having trouble eating, its teeth may have grown too long. If this is the case, see your veterinarian. Delaying your visit to a clinic for too long can harm your guinea pig, especially if it cannot eat.

The guinea pig is herbivorous. She should receive dry food and dried hay, as well as some fruits (e.g. apples, bananas, melons) and vegetables (e.g. broccoli, parsley, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, radishes, beets, spinach). House coffee does not produce vitamin C on its own, so it is at risk of vitamin C deficiency. For this reason, foods intended for rabbits are not recommended (they have too little of it). It is worth giving the guinea pig grass or herbs (including basil, dill). You should also remember that the guinea Pig has constant access to water. Beans (poisonous to guinea pigs!), Cabbage, onions, potatoes and milk should be avoided.


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