Guinea pig names

Along with rodents such as hamsters, chinchillas and ornamental hares, guinea pigs they are a very popular pet for children. According to the American Breeders Association, there are thirteen species of guinea pigs.

How long do guinea pigs live? Most guinea pigs live for five to nine years, but if kept in optimal conditions and in good health, some live up to ten years.

The behavior of the guinea pig

Guinea pigs are very social and sometimes get along with other animals. They are generally calm towards their owners and allow them to be petted. With the gentle attitude of their owner, they usually do not bite or scratch. Although there are always exceptions to the rule.

Breeding of guinea pigs

Your guinea pigs require a safe home, a complete and balanced diet, and lots of love and attention. So get ready to share your daily routine with your adorable new friends.

Cover the guinea pig cage with newspaper covered with soft grass hay for litter. Attach the water bottle to the outside of the case, with the spout facing inward. You need a heavy bowl of food, a hideout / house and toys.

Place the enclosure out of reach of other animals and areas exposed to electricity and direct sunlight. Provide adequate protection against heat as guinea pigs are prone to heat stress. Avoid exposing guinea pigs to temperatures above 25 degrees for extended periods. These animals will feel comfortable at temperatures from 18-25 degrees.

Clean the guinea pig cage of heavy debris daily and perform a thorough cleaning every two to three days. Change the mat, wipe the cage with hot water, and wash items such as toys and soda bottles with disinfectant. While cleaning, you’ll need a temporary home for your guinea pigs – the travel cage is perfect.

How to name a guinea pig?

Feeding guinea pigs

Your new pet will need a steady source of hay. Guinea pigs love vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and celery, as well as spices like parsley. If you collect plants from your garden, make sure that there are no pesticides in them as these chemicals can harm your pet. Remember that you must throw away any fruit and vegetables that have been in your room for more than 24 hours.

Of course, your friend deserves the right name. Here are ideas for guinea pig names.

Name for male guinea pig

– Chico;

– chokes;

– Dandy;

– General;

– Sign;

– Alex;

– Mom;

– Simba;

– Alana;

– Jim;

– Meringue;

– Sam;

– Ruszi;

– Moment;


Guinea pig

If you’re going to get a female representative of the species, see names for female guinea pigs.

Name of a female guinea pig

– Sisi;

– Steffi;

– Chiki;

– Poli;

– Mini;

– Macy;

– Bubka;

– Kid;

– Stacey;

– Lily;

– Nola;

– Daphne;

– you on;

– Piggy.

If you don’t have a fluffy friend yet, you can take a look at these ads and prices for guinea pigs.


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