The guinea pig is one of the most popular pets. It is a friendly rodent that can bring a lot of warmth and joy to your home. However, in order for the guinea pig to be able to grow up at home healthy and accompany the household for many years to come, it should be purchased from a suitable place. Such a place will be professional guinea pig breeding. A breeding pig for sale will be slightly more expensive than, for example, the one from a pet store, but the higher price is usually a proof of the pet’s health. Not only that, pigs from breeding are sold with a pedigree that proves the origin of the rodent. Which farms in Poland are worth your interest? We advise!

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Two guinea pigs on a white background, as well as recommended guinea pig breeding
Breeding guinea pigs, that is, breeding guinea pigs for sale and their price

Guinea pig breeding – important information

Guinea pig breeding “RL Caviary”

This is one of the most famous kennels in Poland, and in fact a breeding project co-created by joining forces of two different kennels – “LunVavia” and “Ratfia Cavia”. Breeding owners focus on breeding pigs with the following colors:

  • black and white,
  • gold-white.

Owners of “RL Caviary” breed several breeds of guinea pigs, crossing them without the risk of genetic defects. So there is the Peruvian guinea pig, as well as the sheltie, coronet, merino and texel guinea pig. Pigs are long-haired – some have straight hair and some have curly hair. Breeders care about pigs with soft and dense hair, which is why the Canadian Red Rock line of pigs dominates the breeding. Breeding owners pay a lot of attention to keeping healthy, strong and massive pigs with an excellent skeletal and muscular structure, as well as flap ears.

Breeding pigs are selected in the “RL Caviary” breeding on the basis of developmental development, pedigree analysis and the type of rodent in question. Breeders make every effort to ensure that their pigs have the best features according to the hair, color, build or breed pattern. So if you are thinking about starting a guinea pig farm yourself in the future, it will be worth visiting the farm and buying a guinea pig which is a great sire, free from genetic defects. Rarely are guinea pigs socialized so well.

Pigs leave the “RL Caviary” kennel with a pedigree that confirms the origin of the animal (written up to 3 generations back). The owners are also happy to prepare a gene map of pigs. The price depends on the breeding and exhibition value of the rodent – ranging from 100 to even 400 PLN for one pig.

Breeding of guinea pigs “The Pig”

“The Pig” kennel is registered with the International Association of Guinea Pig Lovers, as well as with the Cavies Club of Poland. This breeding is “ruled” by a teddy guinea pig, which the owners of the breeding fell in love with almost as soon as it appeared in their lives. It took them a long time to look for their dream color and gather the necessary knowledge, but their passion allowed them to spread their wings in breeding their beloved piglets. The description of the breeding indicates that breeding is just developing its activity, but it is already very popular among breed lovers.

Guinea pig outside the cage in the cut grass and also noteworthy breeding guinea pigs
What is the recommended breeding of guinea pigs and what is worth knowing about their upbringing

The teddy pig is not a very “old” breed – it was officially recognized only in 1978. It is distinguished by its short, dense and slightly protruding fur, which makes the pig a bit like a small bear. Anyway, it is even indicated by the breed name “Teddy”, which means “Teddy Bear”. If you want a model pig with springy and beautiful fur, it will be worth taking a look at “The Pig” kennel. These piglets require a lot of attention and care at home, and also do not like loneliness – that’s why breeders recommend buying two pigs right away. An appropriate guinea pig cage, adjusted to the number of animals in it, will also be important. Also check this article with tips on how to identify the gender of your guinea pig.

Breeding of guinea pigs in Poland – information about breeding

Guinea pig breeding “Z Doliny Muminków”

One of the unusual breeds is the Abyssinian guinea pig. The description of the breed indicates that it is also called a rosette due to its specific shape. Pigs have a fairly long body, a short face and a broad head, and their ears drop to the ground like petals. The hair oval shapes the entire body of the pig. However, there is a breeding farm that is very popular among guinea pig lovers – “Z Doliny Muminków”.

The owners of the popular kennel live in Poznań, and since 2013 they have been breeding breeds such as Abyssinian, skinny and smooth-haired guinea pig. The breeding is carried out with great passion, and the owners have extensive knowledge of guinea pigs. Pigs are treated with love in breeding, and the owners approach each of them individually. Each pig is fed according to a diet suitable for pigs – so they receive a lot of vegetables, vitamins and good quality food. If you want a smooth-haired or skinny guinea pig in your apartment without any genetic defects, it will be worth following the latest litters of “Z Doliny Muminków”.

Recommended products for guinea pigs

It should be taken into account that a pet store is not always able to provide a defect-free guinea pig. Yes, you can buy it cheaper in a pet store – but cheaper does not always mean … better. You should also remember the importance of a suitable guinea pig cage or a well-equipped and secured box. Guinea pigs in the “Z Doliny Muminków” farm have a great space for development and fun, so they will certainly be in excellent physical and mental condition during collection. And this is probably what every owner of a nice rodent should care about, right?

Remember that…

The guinea pig is an affectionate creature that requires a lot of attention from its owners. Most pet stores do not pay much attention to feeding the animal with a properly balanced food, stroking it, and even taking care of its fur (and, for example, a Peruvian guinea pig requires combing). By choosing a pig from a proven, registered breeding farm, you can be sure that the breeding pig for sale will be healthy, free from genetic defects and happy.


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