Guinea pig care book. Super Pooper is primarily a pet-guidebook that’s been made to help pet-owners with setting out the diet for their pets.
Guinea pigs are complex species of animals that have very specific dietary requirements.
That need to be fulfilled in order to properly keep them in proper health.

Guinea Pig Care Book-Super Poopers

This book serves that exact purpose by providing the reader with detailed instructions on the importance of proper guinea pig diets.


The book is written simply and presents straightforward scientific information which is exceptionally desirable.
Especially for anyone who does not have much of a previous scientific basis in nutrition.

So, it is essentially a type of guinea pig care book on nutrition.

Overall, Super Poopers is a great book for anyone who wants to learn about how to properly provide their guinea pigs.
With a proper diet and healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Its simplistic vocabulary and straightforward writing style make it extremely suitable for young readers especially.

The Guinea Pig Good Pet Guide

This is an absolute must-buy for new pet owners who do not really understand how to take care of their pets and would like to receive some expert information on how to begin taking care of their guinea pigs.


Some of the best aspects of this book include the fact that it is very friendly towards new pet owners.
This book provides them the essential information that they need effectively and concisely

It covers everything from bathroom-related issues to understanding your guinea-pig’s behavior to the type of diet that you should provide.

Guinea Piglopaedia

The Guinea Piglopaedia is one of the most comprehensive texts out there on guinea pig care, diet, and behavior.

It’s a more advanced text that is much better suited to those people who already have a good understanding of guinea pig behavior and care but would like to expand it further by attaining some expert guidance.


It is a bit of a lengthy read, so it is a book that is best worth purchasing.

If you are someone who really wants an in-depth explanation of guinea pig behavior. As for the text itself, it is extremely well-written, has numerous scientific backings in addition to a very friendly vocabulary.

Although, complete beginners to guinea pig care may find it an extremely difficult and boring read.
The more experienced pet owners can use it as an excellent way to improve their knowledge and advance their understanding.

So overall, it is recommended for experienced pet owners but not novices.

Guinea Pig Care Book-Train Your Guinea Pig The Easy Way

This is another guidebook that teaches pet owners about how to properly train their guinea pigs, covering everything from potty training to basic behaviors. This makes it a great book for anyone who’s not entirely sure about how to train their guinea pig and would like to receive some expert guidance on the subject.


The book is written in a very rational manner with each subsequent chapter building upon the previous one, and all chapters providing very valuable information about the fundamental nature and practices of guinea pig training.

Occasional illustrations within the text also help to further improve the knowledge provided in the book.

Overall, it is just a very great buy for anyone who is not sure how to properly train their pet.

It is a bit of a technical read, but it can also be a great book

For anyone who just wants to gain as much information as possible about how to train their guinea pigs.