Guinea pigs are one of the most commonly kept rodents in the home. They are very friendly animals that can become the best companion of every human being. What breeds of guinea pigs do we have? Here are the different types of pigs, their description and photos.

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Guinea pig on the background of a spotted blanket, as well as what breeds of guinea pigs are
Step-by-step breeds of guinea pigs, i.e. the long-haired, short-haired and hairless guinea pig

Breeds of guinea pigs

Species of guinea pigs. Hairless pigs description

Domestic guinea pig is divided into several different species, similarly to the small chinchilla. If you already know what a guinea pig eats, it will be worth delving into the subject of individual varieties of guinea pigs. They can be divided mainly by the type of hair. So pigs are:

  • hairless,
  • short-haired,
  • longhair.

First we will discuss hairless pigs, which are only two. The first hairless pig is a Skinny breed that was bred artificially in a laboratory. The pig has the same number of opponents and supporters. Some people don’t like variety due to the fact that the mumps have no hair. Skinny only has tiny hairs on the face and feet. Their skin is velvety to the touch and piggies are very friendly.

The second hairless pig is Baldwin. Her skin is thicker. However, unlike Skinny, Baldwin guinea pigs are born with hair – only later does hair fall out as they age. The photos of these unusual pigs are best illustrated.

Types of short-haired guinea pigs

In this case, there will be many more guinea pigs. Among the popular varieties, guinea pig stands out:

  1. Abyssinian – has a specific hair, which is called a rosette. The deeper and steeper a pig’s hair is, the closer it comes to the breed standard. Piglet’s hair is a bit stiff to the touch, and the fur is fun to stick out from the body. The rosette should have a minimum of 8 rosettes to get closer to the ideal. Abyssinian pig is one of the most popular domestic guinea pig beans.
  2. Rex – a smooth-haired pig that has a slightly woolly and short fur. The reference guinea pig should have hair sticking out of the body at a 90-degree angle. Rex only appeared as a variety of domestic guinea pig in the early 1900s.

  3. Teddy – one of the most popular breeds of domestic guinea pig. The pig’s paws are set quite wide apart, as well as drooping ears and a rounded head. It is a smoothhaired pig, and its fur is somewhat similar to that of Rex pigs.

  4. American – is the most famous breed of domestic guinea pig in Europe. The guinea pig has a dense coat that is short and smooth to the touch.

The other species of hair guinea pigs are: Crested, American Crested, Kurzhaarer Peruaner, Somali, Curly and Ridgeback. Also check this article about the smooth-haired guinea pig.

Guinea Pigs – What Are The Popular Varieties?

Long-haired guinea pig

Almost every animal has its own varieties – such as hamster or small chinchilla. If you already know what your guinea pig eats, it will be helpful to learn about its different varieties. Especially popular in Poland is the long-haired guinea pig, which has high requirements in terms of care – and certainly larger than its short-haired predecessors. Here are the most famous breeds of guinea pigs with long hair:

  1. Peruvian guinea pig – this is the most popular guinea pig, which is most often seen in homes. It has large bristles that grow to about 50 centimeters. Peruvian woman has side-folding hair. It is delicate and shiny. The breed has been known since the nineteenth century.
  2. Texel – a cross between Rex and Sheltie pigs. Her hair is long, but it is not a wirehaired pig. The fur is soft, curly and very delicate. Pig hair resembles large corkscrews. However, once these are combed through, Texel pig’s hair becomes wavy.

  3. Lunkarya – is one of the most beautiful long-haired guinea pigs. Some people think that this piggy looks like a rabbit! Maybe in fact, the head of the Lunkarya pig is a bit rabbit, but its mouth is already very short, and the rest of the body is covered with curly hair. It is not a common breed in our country, but it has a lot of followers in the world.

  4. Merino – is a variety with a large rosette on the head. It is somewhat reminiscent of a crown that is open and tall. Merino has thick and beautiful curly hair that resembles merino sheep. This is where the name of pigs comes from.

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The other long haired guinea pig breeds are: Bounce, Sheltie, Coronet, and Angora.

Long-haired guinea pig sitting in the grass, and also breeds guinea pigs
What are the breeds of guinea pigs, that is, hairless, long-haired and short-haired

How many breeds of guinea pigs are there?

Guinea Pig comes in many color varieties and breeds. Therefore, individual guinea pigs are mainly divided according to the length and structure of their hair. In the case of hair, we can divide guinea pig into:

  • one-color (monocolor, e.g. gold, beige, chocolate, white, black),
  • two-color (bicolor),
  • tricolor (tricolor).

There is another group of pigs, distinguished by color, called agouti. They are guinea pigs that have a mix of different color varieties, such as silver, orange and cinnamon. Guinea Pig is also divided according to the type of hair, which we told ourselves at the beginning of the article.

Amateur and breeding division of guinea pigs

Wondering how many breeds of all guinea pigs are there? Certainly, there will be a dozen or even several dozen of them. The question of listing the types of homemade guinea pig is not an easy task. Apart from the division into color and coat structure, there are also other divisions of domestic guinea pig:

  • Amateur division – amateur pig division is based on the differences between the texture or length of domestic guinea pig beans, as well as their color. According to the amateur division, the guinea pig is:
    • smooth-haired (single-color and tortoiseshell breeds),

    • rough-haired,
    • rosette (Abyssinian),
    • long-haired (Peruvian, Shetland and Angora).
  • Breeding division – this is a professional division applied by farms. According to him, pigs are divided into individual breeds, tailored to the characteristics of each pig and its individual meanings (eg Rex, Merino, Skinny, Baldwin, Texel, etc.).


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