Accessories for the guinea pig are one of the most important elements of decorating their home. Some of them are very important elements for guinea pigs that should spice up their lives and make them function better in their new home. Each pet store has useful accessories that you can buy, for example, for a pig cage. These are necessary things, but also interesting gadgets. What items do you absolutely need to buy for your piggy? We advise!

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A guinea pig with a small shopping cart, as well as clothes and accessories for the guinea pig
Accessories for the guinea pig, i.e. clothes, things and articles that must be bought

Accessories for the guinea pig

Guinea pig cage stuff

When buying a guinea pig, we often do not know which items it will really need. Guinea pigs are quite demanding critters that need a lot of supplies. A beginner breeder then decides to buy a guinea pig layette, in which you can find many necessary articles. Of course, the greatest attention should be paid mainly to a few of them, without which it will be difficult to take care of the mumps:

  • a cage for a guinea pig – this is the most important thing that should appear in your home before you buy a guinea pig. It is also the most expensive piece of equipment. The cage should be made of good quality plastic to be used for several years. The bigger the pig’s cage, the better, of course. A skinny guinea pig or a rosette must feel good and comfortable in such a cage, because this is where it will spend most of its time. The price of the cage is not the cheapest, but you should remember that it is usually only a one-time purchase. A good quality cage should last for a long time – and even for the rest of your pig’s life.
  • a den and a house for the guinea pig – pigs are not mobile animals. So they will not jump much, but rather lie lazily in their lair. So let’s prepare a guinea pig’s lair, which will be comfortable and soft. Pigs like soft bedding, such as plush or fleece. It will also be a very good idea to buy a soft house where the pig will be able to hide and rest. The guinea pig’s lair is a kind of safe corner for this creature. On the first day, she will definitely be a bit scared when she shows up in a completely new place. So it will look for a corner where it will hide safely. The guinea pig house will be a kind of animal sanctuary. It is also worth considering a wooden house, which will not only be used as a shelter. The pig will be perfectly able to grind its teeth on it. Also check this article about choosing a nest for your guinea pig?

Recommended products for guinea pigs

What gadgets should a guinea pig in a cage have?

In addition to the cage, lair and house, it will be worth buying your guinea pig a few other gadgets, such as:

  • hammock – skinny guinea pig, rosette or Peruvian guinea pig like lounging on various bedding, including a hammock, for example. Of course, it should be hung as low as possible so that the piggy can climb on it and easily get off it.
  • toys for guinea pig – of course, this is not a necessary piece of equipment. However, guinea pigs are very fond of such articles. Probably every pet store has some toys for pigs. A very interesting toy will be, for example, fleece blankets, on which pigs are happy to jump. Some also like hanging toys that you can nibble or nibble on.
  • transporters – a very useful item that will allow you to transport the pig in the event that it has to visit the vet.
A guinea pig looking from a house in a cage and recommended items, articles and accessories for the guinea pig
What clothes, things and accessories for a guinea pig should be bought for a pet

Relevant information about accessories for guinea pigs

Other gadgets for pigs

In addition to the above-mentioned, the guinea pig can also have:

  • brush / comb – thanks to them, you can take care of the long hair of pigs.
  • shampoo – sometimes it may be needed when you need to refresh the fur or skin of pigs. However, do not bathe the piggy too often, only when needed. The shampoo should only be used by the guinea pig.
  • claw clippers
    – in stores, you can easily find clippers with which you need to get rid of too long claws of pigs from time to time.
  • subsoil – it is worth testing a few to be able to see what will suit the guinea pigs. Lining is an essential part of every cage’s equipment.
  • clothes – these are accessories for guinea pigs that are not essential, but worth having. Especially that the clothes will be good for winter pigs that do not have hair (e.g. skinny).

What should you know about pig toys?

Of course, guinea pig toys are not enough. Before you buy a mump, you should read about caring for it and how not to harm your pet. Be sure to learn how to nourish the pig, how to take care of its health and which accessories will be necessary for the pig to develop healthily. Also remember that:

  1. The guinea pig is not a hamster, so there is no way it will be exercising with devices similar to its own.
  2. Tunnels, carousels, slides and reels should be avoided as they are not suitable toys for guinea pigs. Pets can damage their spine!

  3. Do not buy steps or ladders for pigs, as they are not designed for them. Each of them can cause the mumps to contract a delicate spine injury.


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