Coronet guinea pigs with the ‘rosette’ in the middle of the head is the long-haired guinea pig breed Coronet.

This breed are recognized as the showstopper for their playful, affectionate, and curious nature. Coronets are found in satin, the coat which is glossy and dense. Coronets love to be adorned and hence they crave for attention.

Appearance – Coronet is sized between 8 to 16 inches and weighs between ½ and 3 pounds. They are sexually dimorphic wherein the males are larger than the females. Coronets are quite like silkies and they come in various colours and patterns. This cavy loves to play and does lot of exercise so you can let them outside or run around in the house for short period of time.

Coronet guinea pigs grooming

Compared to other breeds coronets requires lot of grooming as and they possess significant grooming challenges and hence must be left with the experienced owners. They require daily brushing for their long, flowing to keep them healthy and beautiful. However regular professional help is also required.

Coronets must be bathed at least once a week with an inch or two of warm water with liquid ivory or dawn soap. Rinse them thoroughly to remove the lather and use a hairdryer or towel to dry them. They require regular trimming with the skilled hands and can use electronic clippers for that.

Regular ear check-ups are required as they are susceptible to ear infection because of wax build-up and too much of it can become the breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. Nail clippers can be used for this little munchkin to trim their nails every one or two months.


Their health deteriorates very quickly and sometimes this problem becomes apparent and their illness can be life threatening. When you find their diet getting less, weight loss, swollen abdomen, unable to urinate make sure to take them to the vet immediately as it can be cured easily with the antibiotics.

 As they have long hair, they are not suitable to kept outdoor as it walks around dirt and muck will gather in the fur and if moist it encourages fungus and bacteria to grow causing infection in the eyes. They are not safe even in cage due to their long hairs and uncleaned cage or wrong nutrition can even make them sick.


Coronet guinea pigs are playful and very affectionate and generally non-aggressive, and docile making them a cute little lovable cavy. They respond enthusiastically to the sound of crinkle, opening of the door. They are prone to scratching or biting unless provoked. Do not stress them by chasing around the cage for lifting. They initiate playing with both human and animal companions including playing chase games.

Diet – Like any other breed even coronets have deficiency of vitamin C and hence they must be given fruits, vegetables, and pellets. Coronets can even be given fresh hay which extremely healthy. Little cavy can be given small treats of bell pepper, carrot, and fruits. Avoid giving nuts, seeds, dried fruits, meat products.