guinea pigs

Often guinea pigs are selected as pets. In addition to ornamental fish, parrots, gerbils, hares, hamsters and cats are preferred household companions. Perhaps the reasons for this are the attractive appearance of animals, relative cheapness and undemanding nature. But saying “undemanding” does not mean that they do not require some care.

That is why some people are disappointed with their pets that for some reason did not live up to their expectations. The health of the guinea pig also requires constant care. The life expectancy of these beautiful animals is 6-8 years. Here is someone the most common mistakes in breeding guinea pigs.

First, be careful where you buy your guinea pig

As a rule, many pet stores are located in hypermarkets, which people enter out of curiosity. There they meet these wonderful creatures – guinea pigs, and some even buy. The animals are often kept there in terrible conditions, rather than in large cages – in narrow aquariums with five or six specimens. Animals come to the store from dubious sources, many of them are already seriously ill. Staff often do not know how to properly advise consumers about correct rearing of guinea pigs. As a result, the buyer leaves with the guinea pig and the hamster cage …

Feeding guinea pigs

Second – be careful how many guinea pigs you buy

Don’t buy one animal, but choose a pair. You can argue that it is twice as expensive as the cost of food and other necessities! But for sure only one guinea pig was bred he will be unhappy, it will be much more difficult to make contact, he may become unfriendly and withdraw and even start biting. Two females or two males are recommended to be purchased immediately if you wish to avoid breeding guinea pigs.

Third – be careful which cell phone you buy

As soon as you choose this type of pet, buy the largest cage available. Guinea pigs need it from outer space they are rather mobile animals, they feel bad in tight spaces. Our recommendation: a cage of about 1 square meter is suitable for keeping two guinea pigs, a little less or even more can be done. With some housekeeping skills, you can make your own beautiful cage out of makeshift materials: the price of good cages in pet stores can be quite high, so think for yourself! The larger the cage, the happier your pet is!

Mistakes in breeding guinea pigs

Fourth – do not underestimate food

Feeding your guinea pigs is crucial. From what is available in pet stores, buy only ready-made, packaged feeds from proven producers. Everything else that has an undetermined source and questionable packaging will certainly not bring health benefits to your pet.

Hay for guinea pigs is life: they eat it, play with it, sleep on it. There must be a lot, it must always be fresh. Vegetables and fruits for guinea pigs – every day! Some guinea pigs love carrots, for example! However, remember that guinea pigs should not overeat, be careful not to overfeed them.

They were among the the most common mistakes in breeding guinea pigs. If you want to get one, see our guinea pig classifieds and prices.


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