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Inexperienced farmers can sometimes be surprised by the strange behavior of guinea pigs. In any case, however, it’s fun to watch these pets that always have something to amaze. They are generally very nice and calm, but don’t forget that you have to spend enough time with your pets as they are quite social animals.

Character and behavior of guinea pigs – see more in the following lines:

The first 2-3 days of a new place are the most difficult Guinea pigbecause then the animal adapts and gets used to new living conditions. It is important not to start harassing him at this stage, but to let him adapt to the house change. Despite this, cute animals easily get used to their owners, new smells and atmosphere.

They are nice and quite friendly pets by nature. They are not characterized by aggressive behavior, as well as other harmful habits that are common to rodents. They find it difficult to be alone and they need daily communication with the owner and they love to run away to the apartment, as they are quite active animals by nature.

Quite often, owners of guinea pigs notice that their character can change within a few months. For example, if you don’t have enough time, the guinea pig becomes banally bored, leading to passive behavior, lack of appetite, and may even start losing hair due to stress.

A good solution is to stock up on another guinea pig to keep your pet company. Overall, they are quite social and can easily find common ground even with cats, dogs or rabbits.

behavior of guinea pigs

It’s hard to make a general conclusion about it nature of guinea pigsbecause some of them are calmer and others are like a rocket and keep moving.

However, if the pet is too active, it is very likely that there is simply not enough movement and the cage space may be quite small for the pet’s size.

Thanks to his attitude, you can find out what his mood is, his self-esteem, whether he is hungry or something hurts, and so on. If you have experience with these animals you will quickly find out when something is wrong, but if you are not experienced in this it will be much more complicated as you are not familiar with guinea pigs.

If you choose to be take a guinea pig, it is very important to consider whether you will be able to devote enough time to it. Overall, these cute and fluffy pets are quite sociable, kind and calm, but still need your caresses.

Otherwise, they can even get sick, but you should not forget that you are responsible for the health of guinea pigs.


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