Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes.. Guinea pigs love tomatoes. So much that you feel like giving them more to enjoy this juicy red fruit. But there are not as beneficial for them as you think it might be. Want to know more about guinea pigs and tomatoes? Read below.

Can i give guinea pig tomatoes

Yes, but in minimal quantities.

Tomatoes commonly known as a vegetable but some fruit, are safe for them. A tomato has beneficial benefits like fiber which is good for their digestion, Vitamin K that helps in development of bones and tissues growth, antioxidant properties with potassium and calcium. These are essential for proper bone growth and dental health.

They also have Vitamin C in reasonable amounts making it good part of their diet for their overall health, also helping with their lack of this vitamin. It is a good thing that tomatoes do not have high sugar levels so they can eat it.

Oxalic acid is present in tomatoes and too much can lead to mouth sores. These can be painful, and your little pet may require medication and an oxalic free diet.

Do guinea pigs eat tomatoes

They can be given tomatoes to eat occasionally, but in small quantities.

How much of tomato is enough for them?

If they consume too much, they may end up getting diarrhea. Give them just a baby sized tomato or just single slice of the large one twice a week. Don’t’ exceed more than that. This will result in their digestion getting disrupted.

Even baby guineas can be given half a baby tomato. Make sure to wash nicely to remove any pesticides before serving.

It is known that some guineas do not like it or are allergic. Negative reactions to tomatoes include upset tummy, vomiting, diarrhea, difficult breathing, etc.

Tomatoes have various varieties, big and small, like cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, grape tomatoes, etc. Good news is that guineas can eat all the above-mentioned varieties. Avoid tinned tomatoes and don’t not give them the entire tomato. It too much for them.

Baby tomatoes are ideal as the small size is a good enough. They can eat these as they are sweet and tasty compared to the bigger ones.

Seeds of a tomato are safe for consumption. They are tiny, soft, and easy to chew.

Can guinea pigs eat tomato leaves

Unripe and green ones are very acidic making it unsafe for them. Leaves of a tomato are unsafe as they are poisonous. Remove all green parts before serving. They have a toxic substance called tomatine and solanine which is harmful for them. Stems and leaves on top of the tomato must never be served to them ever!

There is no need of scraping the skin off. It is safe.

No cooked, canned or tomato sauce to be served to them either. Take out leftovers from the cage to avoid decaying.

Although tomatoes have their own pros and cons, they can be served in moderation.

Remember the deeper red is the tomato, the safer it is for your fury one!