Can guinea pigs eat peaches? Peaches are good in preventing cancer, rich in antioxidants and vitamin A making them a good booster for a guinea pigs’ immune system and a great source of vitamin C which is best for their health.

Can guinea pigs eat peaches

Do guinea pigs eat peaches ? Absolutely yes ! A guinea pigs’ diet should contain low calcium, high fiber and foods rich in vitamins and minerals. The peach fruit has low level of calcium and a decent number of vitamins. This makes it a good fruit option for them.

Since their bodies cannot produce Vitamin C, peaches are good for them to provide this vitamin. They also contribute iron and magnesium essential for their bodies.

Peaches also contain 80% water making them a hydrating and refreshing fruit for your cavy, especially during summer.

On the other hand, peaches are also known for their high acid content and great amount of sugar making it not suitable for them. The acid in peaches leads to fungal infections and lip sores making it an occasional treat and not part of their regular diet.  

Guinea pigs can eat peaches because they have rich sources of vitamins and minerals. But at the same time, they are rich in sugar leading to diabetes, vomiting, diarrhea and tummy upset. It also leads to them gaining surplus weight. So, overfeeding may cause them to fall sick.

Once a while you must feed them peaches as this will act like a refreshment for their taste buds. Feed in small quantities once a week. Even a single slice of peach is good enough. If they tend to like the taste, increase the amount as the weeks pass but keep it in limit. Do not exceed as it may cause disturbances in their digestive pattern leading to them falling sick. Take out leftovers from the cage. Do not serve them cold peaches as their body is not used to cold stuff.

What about the other parts of the peach?

Peach Skin – guinea pigs can nibble on the skin and eat it along with the fruit. They love to eat the skin with the fruit but make sure to wash it nicely taking out any pesticides/fertilizers sitting on the skin as it may be harmful to their health.

Peach Pit – avoid giving them the pit as it is extremely hard to eat and chew on. It also contains tiny amount of cyanide that is harmful for their health.

Canned Peaches – since these contain preservatives that help with shelf life, they cannot be given to guinea pigs for consumption.

Dried Peaches – yes, but occasionally. These contain too much sugar compared to the fresh ones and we understand sugar leads to obesity and diabetes in them. So, it is best to avoid and serve them fresh peaches.

White Peaches – these are better than the normal peaches. They are sweeter but have lower acid levels. Limit the amount you serve them.

Too much should be avoided and if you see your cavy reacting badly to it, take it out from their diet.