Can guinea pigs eat parsley. Parsley is a fresh herb and guinea pigs need just this for their bodies as this herb is filled with high Vitamin C content making it a great food to feed your cavy.

Can guinea pigs eat parsley?

The answer is definitely yes as in comparison to the other fresh veggies and herbs, parsley has a majority of Vitamin C. It has three times more vitamin content than even oranges and has low sugar content which is fit for them. Although guinea pigs need calcium in their diet, parsley has high levels of calcium leading to bladder stones. Also, too much of it may end up in them having gastrointestinal issues.

That’s the reason, you need to feed them parsley in moderation. You can also feed them the leaves and stalks of the parsley too. This is something they will enjoy. It is healthy for them. The nutrients found in parsley are beneficial. They are also great antioxidants thus further boosting the immune system. It fights free radicals that are disease-causing agents. The other health benefits that a guinea pig gets from parsley are prevention of scurvy, improvement in the eyesight, a quick recovery of any wounds caused, and overall health leading to robust growth.

Can guinea pigs have parsley

However, certain restrictions need to be taken into consideration otherwise their health may be at some risk. The parsley needs to be fresh and the leaves flat or curved. They need to look fresh as well as have a bright green color. Organically grown parsley is the best option.

Do not take this herb to the base of their daily intake of food. Feed them parsley twice to thrice a week. Do not serve in large quantities. This may upset their tummy. Just putting a few leaves with the stem is good enough for them. Wash it properly to remove any chemicals or impurities that prove harmful. If you are giving them for the very first time, always start slow. If you notice symptoms like loose motions or even vomit, stop feeding them this right away. Remove uneaten or leftover parsley from the cage to avoid further health problems.

How much parsley can guinea pigs eat

That is why parsley needs to be served more for Vitamin C and less for the high calcium level leading us to the conclusion that a guinea pig needs to be given parsley not too much and also not too less.  It is healthy for its nutritional value but should not be fed in large amounts. Use it as an occasional treat little more than often. There is no doubt that your little cavy will love it.

Avoid feeding parsley to baby guinea pigs. All they need at this time is their mother’s milk and still, if you want to feed parsley to your pregnant cavy, it is advisable to consult with the veterinarian first. A lot of calcium and Vitamin C is needed at this stage but to avoid potential high risks you need to be careful and serve them with limits.