Can guinea pigs eat orange ? Yes Guinea pigs love fruits. But not all are safe for consumption. When it comes to oranges that are rich in Vitamin C, this fruit is highly recommended for them. But are there any restrictions to them eating it?

Guinea pigs do not possess the ability to produce Vitamin C on their own like us humans. That is why they need to derive it from their diet.

The best way a guinea pig can receive Vitamin C intake is from green leafy veggies, fruits, pellets or via Vitamin C supplements. And by fruits we mean tasty and juicy oranges.

Oranges are full of Vitamin C and many would say that this will make up for their deficiency thus helping prevent scurvy, a disease caused due to lack of this vitamin. But at the same time, we need to realize that oranges have too much acid in them and this is highly bad for their bodies. It will hamper their health leading to serious issues.

Can guinea pigs have orange

Besides that, there are other health benefits oranges provide them with like calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6 that helps overall growth giving them a healthy metabolism. They are also high in sugar and calories. Hence, they need to be given in small amounts acting like energy boost.

They are also quite acidic in nature. Hence, giving them too much will increase acidity leading to mouth sores, teeth issues, etc. Despite having its own health benefits, oranges can be unhealthy if given too much. If you notice anything out of the ordinary after they eat an orange piece, consult your vet immediately.

Can guinea pigs have orange peels

Can guinea pigs eat orange peel? Yes they can eat but only few pieces. They have large vitamin C content which may cause them harm if overeaten. The peel may contain pesticides on them, so make sure to wash before serving. Give them more flesh than peels since peels are rough and your cavy will not like it.

They can also eat varieties of oranges that are safe for them like mandarins, tangerines, clementine and satsumas.

Avoid giving them the fruit along with seeds. There are great chances of them choking on the seeds as they are slippery and small. They are not allowed to have orange juice, marmalade or eat canned oranges. These have rich sugar content and preservatives completely unsafe for their health. 

You need to feed your pet just 1-2 bites of orange slice, sufficient for them. You can feed them orange by mixing it with other vegetables to lessen the impact of the acid on the piggy’s tummy and digestive system. Avoid feeding them in 2 days a row, not more than 1-2 times a week.

It is a good occasional treat. Make sure to take out the remains or leftovers from the cage.

In short, guinea pigs can surely eat oranges as the vitamin C is beneficial for them. They are refreshing, no doubt, but should be served moderately to avoid further serious health problems.