Can guinea pigs eat celery. Celery contains Vitamin C which is very good for their bodies since they cannot produce it on their own. The deficiency of this vitamin leads to scurvy.

Can guinea pigs eat celery?

Yes, but not too much of it as Celery is a type of green plant which humans also use in their food or juices. It is healthy for us as well as for guinea pigs. But too much of it isn’t good as they can develop urinary tract infections. It has a high presence of oxalates leading to further problems. The higher the amount of oxalates in their body, the more is the chance that your guinea pig will develop bladder or kidney stones.

Guinea pig kidney stones

Guinea pig kidney stones. Veterinarians advise those guinea pig owners whose pigs have already had stones previously. It may increase the chance of getting stones again thus accelerating the problem further. Celery is good as treats too, for those guinea pigs who have no previous history of kidney stones. It also has a high sodium content. So you need to be careful of the extra salt your cavy will intake if given too much of it in their diet.

Although green veggies which include celery are good, it is best to keep it as an occasional veggie. It is very nutritious and also has a low-calorie content. Serve them celery just twice a week. It is not toxic. Giving them to eat in moderation will act as a boost for their lack of vitamin C. It is also a good source of fiber. It also helps maintain internal organ health.

Can guinea pigs eat celery leaves

Most guinea pigs love to keep crunching on celery. Even though celery is good for their health, it should be given in moderation. They can also consume the leaves and stems of celery but that doesn’t mean that you have to feed them an entire stick of it. Make sure the stems are de-threaded. Avoid cooked celery. Cut thin strings and serve. If you give them all together and not separate the stalks, then it could be tough for them to crunch on those leaving them irritated.

Guinea pigs eat celery

Guinea pigs eat celery. Do not serve them celery that has become yellow or ones that have gotten rotten. You can add leaves to a salad and serve too. Remove leftovers from the cage. When it comes to the roots, try to avoid those as roots contain too much starch which isn’t good for them.

If your feeding it for the first time, watch out for symptoms like painful urination or bloody urine over the next few weeks. Then you can gradually start feeding them if no symptoms occur. Giving them to crunch on the celery stems is good as it is rough and this helps in wearing their teeth down.

Celery is something guinea pigs are fond of. Do not give in to their cravings for it and keep it in moderation. It is fresh and hydrating and they love it. It makes a good occasional veggie for your cavy.