Can Guinea Pigs Eat Carrots ? Yes Guinea pigs love to munch on carrots. But they need to be fed occasionally. Want to know why? Read below.

Yes, guinea pigs can be fed carrots, in moderation.

Carrots are rich in vitamins and antioxidants essential for their body. They aid in the prevention of cancer, tumors, and other such diseases. It improves the immune system making it stronger and even strengthens one’s vision.

Can a guinea gig eat carrots ? Of course these cuties love the crunchiness of this root veggie which is good for their teeth. Carrots have vitamin A and B, moderate amount of potassium along with fiber, which is good for them.

There is not much of vitamin C in carrots. They do contain this vitamin but not as much as peppers.

But they have high contents of natural sugar which leads to diabetes, diarrhea, and teeth issues in guinea pigs. Excess sugar leads to obesity, another common problem found in guineas.

Another thing that carrots contain which is bad for their health is oxalates. Too much of it can lead to stones. Once stones are formed, they get extremely sick and have plenty of tummy issues. This deteriorates their health further and can even prove fatal.

Some guinea pigs may suffer from pollen-based allergies caused by consumption of carrots. Symptoms include swollen or itchy mouth. If that is the case, they shouldn’t be fed carrots at all. Suppose the matter worsens, you should take your cavy to the vet at once.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Carrot Tops

They love the carrot tops, the greens. They are very nutritional and good for consumption. But avoid too much because they contain calcium which leads to formation of bladder stones.

You can serve the tops on different days from the day you feed it carrot.

The skin of the carrot is quite nutritional. Suppose you are peeling carrots to make a salad for yourself, do not throw away the skin. Feed it to your guinea.

Always wash the carrots thoroughly. The best carrots to feed your guinea pig are organic carrots. If you purchase from the market, wash them thoroughly to take out any chemicals present on them.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are equally good and easier for them to munch.

Carrots in general need to be fed to your guinea pigs, 3 times a week, not daily. Start by serving just an inch and observe them for possible reactions.

The best way to serve them this veggie is to mix half an inch of a carrot with other veggies such as broccoli or serve 2 baby carrots at once. Remember not to feed them carrots the same day you are giving other sweet stuff. Just because they love this veggie, does not mean you need to feel sorry for them and serve daily.

Baby guineas should not be fed carrots. Currently, all they need is their mother’s milk.

Carrot juice is full of sugar making it more dangerous than healthy. Also avoid cooked and canned carrots as this does not benefit them in anyway.

Carrots will cause no harm if fed in the right quantity. Always remember that carrots in moderation will do good for their health and keep them happy and healthy always.