Can guinea pigs eat blackberries ?

Can guinea pigs eat blackberries ? Yes we are aware that guinea pigs cannot intake too much sugar which leads to digestive and other problems. When it comes to blackberries, they are rich sources of nutrients but should be fed just once a week.

Yes, but in the right quantities.

Being high in sugar, blackberries are also filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are good sources of Vitamin C. Their dark purple color tells us that they are filled with antioxidants as well. It is essential that blackberries be given to them so that they can obtain all the above-mentioned nutrients in their body.

Blackberries are good for them because they have Vitamin C, K and A, high contents of potassium and magnesium, low fat, protein, and calcium too. They make a natural treat for guinea pigs.

When it comes to serving guinea pigs blackberries, wash them first and cut into tiny bits. Otherwise, you could just give them 2 big blackberries or 3 small ones so that they can eat it in one go. Feed them blackberries just twice a week. Remove leftovers from the cage to avoid rotting and bacteria feeding on it. Baby guineas can have one blackberry at once.

Can Guinea Pigs Have Blackberries

If you overfeed them blackberries, they will suffer from obesity and diarrhea due to its high sugar content. Do not give into their temptations of feeling sorry and letting them eat plenty of it because no guinea pig will refuse such a juicy and tasty fruit.

Juicy means more water and more water means risk of diarrhea and bloating. The high sugar content in it is also bad for your guinea’s dental health. This is risky after they have reached adulthood. Avoid blackberries altogether if your cavy is already suffering from some health conditions.

Suppose you are giving them for the first time, just give a tiny bit and observe them for a few hours. It is unlikely they will get ill but there chances it could happen. If it does, contact your vet immediately. If it suits them, you can increase the serving till they can eat it in right amounts.

By giving them blackberries to eat in moderation, you are regulating their diet thus helping their health as are consuming right amounts of vitamin C and not excess of sugar, simultaneously. They can be given the entire berry and there is no need to remove the seeds or skin. This fruit is entirely consumable. Ripe ones are the best as unripe ones could hurt their tummies.

Can Guinea Pig Eat Blackberry Leaves

What about blackberry leaves? Yes, they can consume the leaves. But the leaves need to be washed properly and should be fresh. At times, chemicals may be sprayed on them and if your cavy ingests it, it will fall terribly ill. The best option would be to give it organic blackberries to eat along with the leaves.

Dried, canned, and frozen blackberries or blackberry jam is big No. These contain extremely high amounts of sugar which will make your furry one sick in no time if given to eat.

Moderation of blackberries will keep your cavy healthy and happy always.