Can guinea pigs eat avocado?

Can guinea pigs eat avocado ? Avocados are not a vegetable as many confuse it to be. It is actually some fruit. Blessed with 20 vitamins and minerals, it has low sugar contents and high monounsaturated fat levels. For humans, they are extremely healthy but what about our cavy friends?

Avocados are healthy and generally considered safe for your little furry friends, mostly the inner part only. They contain fiber and rich sources of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin A. But the negative part is that avocados have a high fat content leading to digestion and intestinal issues. Read more to find out if they should be given this amazing fruit or not.

Not all pigs love to eat avocados. Only some love its taste.

Can guinea pigs have avocado

The answer is Yes and No.

They are safe but there are certain restrictions. They should be served in the right quantities.

Avocados have a pit and an outside layer. These are poisonous for your cavy. You must make sure to take out the peel and the pit, both before you can serve it to them.

The peel and leaves are full of PERSIN which is a toxin causing vomiting and gastrointestinal ailments. The inner portion too can cause harm due to its high fat content. It leads to weight gain and pancreatitis. So, the best thing would be to avoid giving it to your pet too much.

Not only are some parts poisonous but the parts that are safe to serve have higher fat contents. Avocados are not considered as ideal for them.  

This fruit has plenty of health benefits too. It has high protein and potassium levels, contains omega fatty acids and rich in antioxidants that contribute to a healthy and shiny coat and skin. It also has a great package of essential vitamins and minerals. Avoid the stone (seed), keeping it as an occasional treat.

The key rules to serving them avocado is starting slow. If your cavy gets a tummy upset or falls terribly ill, call the veterinarian at once.

Serve small bits of the fruit. Take off the skin and remove the pit to save your cavy from choking. Serve it plain free from ingredients like garlic, onions, etc. that are harmful to their health. Keep a close watch for any sort of side effects. Do not feed daily. Twice a month is good enough.

Can baby guinea pig eat avocado

NO ! Avoid feeding them to the baby guinea pigs at all

So, we can conclude that the skin of avocado is not healthy, the leaves are extremely toxic, the stone or seed is not good but just the flesh is fine to give, mind you in moderation for the safety of your guinea pig!

Although avocados boost their health and well-being, serving them in right amounts is good to avoid issues that arises from too much consumption. To be honest, its best to avoid them altogether since the risks outweigh the benefits.

Overall avocados are not good for guinea pigs and should be avoided daily.