Can a guinea pig eat asparagus.

Guinea pigs need to be fed hay, pellets and a combination of fruits and vegetables. When it comes to veggies, not all can be fed daily.

Here we will talk about asparagus, a veggie which is quite expensive and rich in vitamin C, yet needs to be fed in moderation.

So Can guinea pigs eat asparagus?

Yes, they can. But you have to be careful about the number of servings.

This green veggie has bouts of phosphorous and vitamin C, K and A along with minerals, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and fiber which is really good for their immune system and overall health.

Vitamin C is something that a guinea pig cannot produce by itself, just like us humans. And a deficiency of this can lead to development of scurvy.

Asparagus, has vitamin C helping to fulfill the lack of this vitamin. This will help keep them active and healthy. But note that asparagus isn’t sufficient enough for their vitamin C intake. They need other vitamin C enriched veggies too.

Can A Guinea Pig Eat Asparagus

Yes there are plenty of benefits that a guinea pig gains from this veggie. Besides vitamin C, it helps with digestion, improves eyesight, makes bones stronger, reduces cholesterol, has anti-inflammatory properties, controls blood pressure and improves their immune system making their bodies stronger.

It also has a good water content which will keep your cavy hydrated.

But asparagus contains oxalates and calcium which are bad for the health of a guinea. It leads to the formation of bladder stones which is quite painful. That means they need to be fed this veggie occasionally.

Eating too much of asparagus will also lead to diarrhea and bloating which is a cause for concern. Suppose your cavy gets extremely sick, take it to the vet immediately.

Feeding this vegetable daily should be avoided because too much of a single thing isn’t good for them. Give them asparagus spears (cut into smaller pieces) just 2-3times a week, just a single stalk or two. You can mix it with other veggies in a bowl, say ¼ cup, in small amounts. Cut off the hard ends of the stalks.

Watch out for any reactions post eating. If this veggie suits them, you can increase the serving the next time, but be careful not too much.  

Always wash the stalks thoroughly before serving to take out pesticides or chemicals on the surface.

Can Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Asparagus

Baby guineas shouldn’t be given asparagus at all.

A guinea pig can eat the stalks, stems, tips and even the ends of asparagus. They are easy to chew and your cavy will enjoy chewing on them. Chewing helps with wearing down of their teeth as their teeth keeps growing long overtime.

Never give it cooked, canned, baked or frozen asparagus. Raw is the best.

So now you know, asparagus is a chewy and healthy vegetable to serve to your guinea. It ensures overall growth.

But they cannot be given daily. It will give rise to health problems and accumulation of certain minerals in their bodies which isn’t good in the long run.

Serving in moderation will keep your furry one happy and in good health.