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Breeding of guinea pigs is a process that must be closely monitored. Males and females reach sexual maturity at different times, and pregnancy and childbirth also have their own specificity.

Female guinea pigs They reach sexual maturity at the age of 2 months, and males a month later, when they are 3 months old. Mature females disperse every 13-20 days, except during gestation.

The vagina of the guinea pig is closed with a membrane. It disappears at the beginning of estrus and forms at its end.

Guinea pig courtship it’s an extremely interesting process. In it, males purr with love and sway on their hind legs. They sniff and lick the anogenital area of ​​the female and wait for her sign. The female, on the other hand, purrs, rocks and licks the male. When ready, she raises her hind limbs.

A female guinea pig is pregnant for approximately 68 days. Usually 2-3 babies are born, each weighing between 85 and 95 years. After birth, the mother eats the placenta and membranes.

Baby guinea pigs are born completely covered with hair. They have fully developed motor and sensory organs. They are able to eat solid foods on the day they are born.

The young can be weaned from the breast on the fifth day after birth. They usually suck milk for up to 3 weeks and a little longer. Over time, milk consumption declines at the expense of solid food for guinea pigs.

Guinea pig

To stimulate the young to urinate, the mother licks the young’s anus and genitals. After giving birth, she quickly regains her energy. The rodent is fully cured when the milk stops. The female is ready for conception right after that.

It follows that guinea pigs breed all year roundand under all circumstances – whether they have enough food for guinea pigs.

Therefore, it is not recommended to keep male and female guinea pigs in one place, unless you want to get a large number of guinea pigs in a short time.

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