Basic Guinea Pig Farming Tips

guinea pigs are among the most beloved animals. In nature, they live in groups, so it is good to keep at least two animals in one common space.

There is a condition when choosing guinea pigs. If you want males, let them be brothers from the same litter. Common breeding of male and female guinea pigs it is not recommended. The reason is that like other rodents, guinea pigs reproduce very quickly.

Even before you get your guinea pigs, you need to think about where to look after them. These animals need enough space to live, so it’s a good idea to take the largest possible cage with you. It must have a bottom and not be made of wire as this could injure their limbs.

Glass aquariums are extremely unsuitable for keeping guinea pigs due to poor ventilation. The temperature in the room where they are viewed must be constant. Extreme amplitude changes are contraindicated – animals are susceptible to heatstroke. Amplitudes between 17 and 27 degrees are ideal.

The bottom of the cage should be covered with sawdust, grass or hay. Cedar and pine are prohibited as they are dangerous for the pet. If you are persistent, you can teach a guinea pig to go to a toilet in a sandbox, but it will definitely not be easy.

In addition to the floor, it is good to provide toys in the cage. Cardboard tubes and empty boxes will do the trick. Empty pots, bricks or stones – too. Guinea pigs like to hide, they climb.

guinea pigs

The guinea pig is also a must-have in the cage. In it, the animals rest and sleep.

The cage is cleaned daily of guinea pig food and feces. A full cleaning is performed once a week, replacing the cage bedding and washing the tub with warm water. The bathtub must be dry before installing a new mat.

The teeth of the guinea pig are constantly growing. In order to have something to chew on, twigs or raw wood are put in the cage. In most cases, it is impossible to completely erase your teeth and you will need to visit your vet periodically to have them trimmed.

In order for your pet to feel comfortable, it must first get used to you. Often take it in your hands, holding it with one hand below and the other above. At first, the guinea pig may tremble with fear. Give them treats from time to time to get used to you faster.

Once he gets used to it and he is not afraid of you, let your pet walk around the room. Daily physical activity outside the cage is compulsory for the pet. Be careful – always watch your pet when it comes out of its cage as it chews whatever it sees – including cables and electrical cords. At the same time, do not shake them and harass them, as guinea pigs will bite if they are very scared.

Guinea pig care

Guinea pig fur requires periodic care. It should be brushed regularly and bathed when necessary. Longhair guinea pigs require daily care. Thanks to this, the coat will not tangle, it will be shiny and beautiful. In some cases, it is necessary to cut the guinea pig.

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