Abyssinian guinea pigs are among the most popular and loved guinea pig breeds across the world.

These cavies are not only popular pets but also used a lot in different pet shows.

Despite popular belief, the Abyssinian guinea pig does not get its name from Abyssinia, the former name of Ethiopia.

It was in fact named after Abyssinia after this particular breed of guinea pig found its way to Europe during the sixteenth century.

With Europeans wanting to name it after a well-known country in an exotic faraway land.

The actual origin story of this particular breed of a guinea pig is based in South America.

From there this breed made its way to around the world

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Life Span

The Abyssinian guinea pig usually live for around 5 to 7 years and possibly longer if they are healthy and strong.

Guinea pig grooming

Because Abyssinian pigs have a rough coat of fur curls, their hair tends to stand up all over their body.

Having an Abyssinian does require a bigger commitment than their short-haired counterparts.

Their manes are beautiful, but can be a challenge and time consuming to maintain, and need to be groomed regular.

That needs regular brushing in order to avoid any tangles or messes.

Similar to the Himalayan Guinea Pig which prefer a cooler climate, Abyssinian guinea pigs don’t take well in the heat either.

Other than their need to stay cool and be groomed, they are a low-maintenance pet that’s friendly, lively and playful.

Abyssinian guinea pig colors

An Abyssinian colors are distinctive natural rosettes, ranging from Albino and Agouti to Tortoiseshell and Dalmatian.


Tortoiseshells most likely have spots of red and black throughout the body with no symmetrical patterns.


These have a well-distributed black and red hair combination and can be classified into two distinct sub-categories: light brindles and dark brindles.

Their specific classification really depends on the amount of red or black they have and the coat’s colours.


Selfs have just a solid colors. It may also be entirely white, red, black, or any other more unusual colours.


The Roans have a coat made of white colour variations. They are known as Blue Roans or Strawberry Roans.

The Strawberry has a white and red hair coat, while the Blue has a white and black hair combination.

Easily the most striking feature of Abyssinian cavies is their physical appearance, particularly their fur coat.

It’s physical appearance, with a symmetrical pattern across the Abyssinian guinea pig’s entire body.

These rosettes colours are perhaps the most recognizable feature of an Abyssinian.

Even though originally the Guinea pig Abyssinian had a plain brown coat or grey fur in physical appearance.

The guinea pig Abyssinian were bred and cross-bred with other guinea pig varieties in captivity.

Hence a number of different colors and physical characteristics, such as the trademark rosettes.

Abyssinian guinea pig personality

Abyssinian guinea-pigs personality is very different from other breeds and are quite popular as everyone’s first-ever pet in the USA.

As their personalities are bolder, much louder, quirkier, livelier, more playful and more intense, that’s why they make great pets.

They can be described as energetic and extremely lovable by pet-owners and animal-lovers, as they respond well to training.

And finally Abyssinian can be vulnerable and can experience many illnesses in their lifetime.

So it’s important to pay close attention to your guinea-pig’s diet, an improper diet often leads to serious health conditions.